What's under your pool table?

The Schwartz

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I heard this yesterday. That's a helluva score! He only paid $40 or so for them...

Wish I'd hit it like that.


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I have some ball returns I"m too lazy to install......and a table cover.


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a sardo tight rack I rarely use, which i won in vegas in 03 from a break contest


Burn all jump cues
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Up until a few days ago there was a wasps nest under mine. I few sprays of wasp spray took care of it. Talk about playing in all conditions...but no snow :grin:. Johnnyt


The dog ate my stroke.
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Any Edgar Allan Poe fans?

P8020040 (3).JPG

Beneath the table, on the floot
Lies my wife's cat, named Eleanor.
Merely this, and nothing more.


I taut I saw a pussy cat!
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I ran across this article and thought I would share the story...



Finds like that are are wonderful and not only for the monetary value.

We had a guy locally that recently died that had stacks of glass negatives. They probably went to the dump. A shame.

He told me once they used to use them for skipping in the Hudson River.


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Some spare cue cases.. Dog and cat hair, a large mirror for checking my pool stroke, dust balls and some packaging boxes and tape.. Nothing of particular interest IMHO..


I call 'em like I see 'em
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Just dog hair and dust. And then only if I've not been home long enough to clean "my room" for a day or two.