Where did you get your AZ Handle?


Cowboys are my hero's
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I was a kid that grew up in the 50?s with Hopalong Cassidy, and the other Western T.V. Cowboy Heroes of that age.

Like Cisco Kid & Poncho, Long Ranger & Tonto, Roy Rogers, too many others too name, or remember.

I always wanted to be a cowboy, ride the range, lasso cattle, search for bad guys rustlers, & outlaw, and bring them to justice being a deputy sheriff or deputy marshal.

Cocobolo is my favorite wood, I have a few cues that have Cocobolo in them.

Thus the handle cocobolocowboy.


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When I began teaching and coaching, our school mascot was the Ballard Memorial Bombers.


Hooray pool!
Mines just an id# I got from a job a few years back...i use it as an Id on all sorts of sites...Guess its just an easy Id for me to remember.


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I used to do computer security and hacking. My nerdy computer name was Cyrex (cyber Rex). Rex being my name. <--g33k @ <3.


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hemicudas said:
We always called it "3 and safe" but I never was so your handle would fit me well.

3 and safe is a different handicap :) When you play 3 and safe, you make your third ball, and are allowed to play a safe.

When you play 3 and stop, you play your third ball and must leave the table where the cue lies without the luxury of playing a safe. :)


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I used to run distance races a long time ago. Once I ran a 5 mile race where instead of just running the fastest time you also had to predict how fast you would run. I had just broken my personal record for the 10K a week earlier. I made a bold prediction for the race, feeling pretty confident I could run just like I had the week before. About 1/4 mile in to the race I felt horrible and had the worst race of my life, I probobly stopped and walked like 3 or 4 times before finishing. At the awards ceremony following they gave awards to people whose predictions were closest. They also gave one award to the worst prediction, which was a giant piece of kilbossa they awarded to the "BIG DOG". I turned out to be the big dog finishing 11 minutes off my predicted time. Mind you this came only one week after I had broken a major running milestone, I had run a sub 40 minute 10K, an accomplishment I would put up with running 5 racks of 9-ball or 75 balls in straight pool. It was pretty embarassing.
I started playing pool shortly after that and for my first 3-4 years of playing I was quite a choke artist. I made an art form of dogging it. My dad would tell me "you were the big dog then, and a bigger one know". I was real good at finding ways to lose for a long time, I was the BIG DOG for sure.

Fast Lenny

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Mine was from an older player mainly because i play too fast,i also have the name Lenny the Lock,because im known to be a lock to win and also at times a locksmith,i like the easy games. :p


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Had it since around '92.

Some may know it's the Euro designation for the Honda CBR900RR (Fireblade) . I had one of the first to come over here and used the name in forums ever since. The RR in front pretty much guaranteed it was an available SN in all the Motorcycle forums.

I still have one that I bought new in 98' , but don't ride it as much as my newer bikes. Think it only has ~6K miles on it after 10 years. :)



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Mine is a hybrid of my first name and a character on Conan O'Brien called 'Pimpbot 5000'



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too difficult to explain.

It would be too difficult to explain where I got my handle from, but the moniker underneath it,(batman), was given to me by Chip Klein who was a good friend of mine before he moved away from San Diego. HE gave it to me not long after we first met because I always wore super hero T-shirts and I used to wear a black one with a yellow batman logo on it. So when he was talking to other players about me he would say "Batman, you know the one who always wears the super hero t shirts.


I said "SIT!"
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Swamp Boy

My family raised beef cattle in the Catahoula Lake drainage in Central Louisiana...Catahula beats being called Swamp Boy.:)


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accumulaton of stuff

while fishing in alaska in 1999 my father called me hollywood because I caught fish -I was ted takaski-the fishing expert. He bought me a white long sleeved shirt. Printed lettering Hollywood ( iron on) then big barbacue sauce spills ( iron on). I wanted (stonecold killer). My pool nick name is (red). And I have caught fish all over the world- (cod, halibut, ma-hee,ono, sea-turtle, white and green mor-eels, 7-kinds of trout,catfish,walleye, notherns. I have a loomis glx rod collection, shimano- stella,calcutta te, 10,000 fishing lures,new and antique. It also has to do with family history- rolality-the mayflower - the 1600's. Related to the king and p. Dianna etc. makes a guy egotisical self center sob sometimes. I went to leiden,netherlands. Barbarra straight was sold for 300 guilders in the 1600 to by passage on the mayflower. true stuff mark I'm different.