Where to find players in Phoenix tomorrow


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A friend and I will be in Phoenix for work tomorrow, and will be done by about noon. We were hoping to maybe run into Gus Briseno, Scott Frost, Glenn Bond, or maybe some other one hole players when we finish with work. I heard that Glenn was back at Kolbe's, but my source on that is not always reliable. I know a lot of Phoenix area players post here, and any help to keep us from driving around town all day would be much appreciated.


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Try main street or kolbes. JimmyM should have a tracking device on those east side players.

If you want some action, and I assume you do, you can head to sixshooters on 35th ave and Peoria if you can't play the fellas you are after. Table 14 and 15 should turn up a game for a good ammount. Be prepaired to sit though :)

Jimmy M.

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Glenn plays at Main Street in Mesa now and I think that most of the East Side players are playing there now as well. As far as one pocket goes, I know when I'm out matched and, if your friend has a pulse, I'm probably out matched ... so ... no one pocket for me. :)

If you want to run into Scott or Gus, they won't be hard to find. Just show up at Six Shooters or Alexander's and someone there will be able to get a hold of them.
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