Which AZers are going to be in Vegas this weekend?


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Here until Saturday 7/19, playing in the Men's 9B Open and watching SVB v. KPY on Thursday evening!


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I'm leaving tonight and will be there through next Thursday. Playing in Advanced Singles and Scotch with a new partner, Steve Tune. Good luck everyone!


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on my way

in a couple days matrix.jpg

Jack Justis

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Booth #8......All price ranges and raffles everyday. All it takes is one $10 ticket to win your favorite Justis case. We should be open around noon tomorrow.


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Alright guys...

I am driving up to Vegas tonight after work...

I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to come to the CSI area, but anyone who wants to meet up, play some, or hang out for a little, let me know, just PM me on here or call me, my phone number is on the contact info of my website(website link is in my sig).