Which top players have a better than other top players stroke?


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Why would you want to emulate anybody's stroke? There's no such thing as a perfect stroke. Shane's stroke works for him, Efren's works for him, and so on, and so on. Do you try and emulate Rory McElroy's golf swing? Find a good mechanical stroke that works for you and fine tune it. Notice I said good mechanical! It wouldn't matter who you emulated, if the mechanics aint good, nothing will be good. In my opinion you can never take your game to where you want it or where it can be if you try to play like the best in the world. Copying anybody's stroke will not make your game better. Copying their mechanics may help a little. JMHO.......:thumbup:


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Hi guys,

I've been watching a lot of top players matches lately, trying to improve my pattern play you know.. and I discovered John Morra, from Canada and I found he had a really great, smooth stroke, stays down longer than most..

I was wondering which top players do you consider that have the best stroke? I mean I'm sure they all have a good descent stroke, but some players must stand out a little? Who would they be?


I wouldn't say stroke; what differentiate them is the ability to compensate aim for shots where they have to use english, spin; or preferably they plan positions when not much of english is need to be used. Also, the shot planning is critical factor too.


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I agree with you regarding John Morra.

I actually just saw an action match between him and Donnie Mills last night (Morra prevailed) at a pool room near the expo.

His fundamentals, tempo, and stroke are absolutely flawless.

I think you couldn't go wrong trying to model those aspects of your game after him. That's what I'm going to make as a goal as I improve my game.


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evgeny definitely has one of my favorite strokes. there something appealing to me about a smooth, flowing, stroke as opposed to a more rigid (but maybe more fundamentally sound) stroke. ronnie alcano's stroke always appealed to me and i tried to emulate it for years as an up and coming player. my stroke is a bit more toned down now but i still consider myself to have a pretty loose, kind of flowy stroke and it works well for me


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It was good to see Evgeny mentioned in here a few times. Dude has a near perfect stroke, and breaks like an absolute monster on top of it. He's a straight up beast, especially for a relatively unknown player. Nobody would be making a mistake by trying to emulate his game.


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He has similar stroke to Jeff Ignacio. But he moves back of his cue too much

Aesthetically, I love decisive short strokes , smooth and minimum unnecessary moves
Here are some of my favorites

Jeff Ignacio

Little Ko


Chris Melling

Ronnie A


Ronnie O

Neil Robertson


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It was a privilege to play Steve Mizerak, he was one of my boyhood pool idols

CJ, that is one my favorite accu-stats matches in my digital library.

This was my first professional tournament in the United States (my very first was in Toronto Canada).

It was a privilege to play Steve Mizerak, he was one of my boyhood pool idols. Beating him was a dream come true, and I had a win over Nick Varner earlier who I also consider one of the greatest players to ever play pocket billiards.

Glad you liked the match, I'll have to order it one of these days if I can't find it on-line.


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