Who is the most underrated cue maker on your opinion?


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Mike Webb is vastly underrated too.
Mike makes great cues .
And he's very anal about everything on his cues.

Mike's cues play as good, if not better, than any cue I have ever hit with.
The only cue I have played with that I thought was as good was a full splice Hercek. Says a lot to me.


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Josh Treadway.

I think his cues are as good as anyone's. Including Ernie's. Moreover, to say he is a class act is an understatement.



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No doubt

No doubt about it Mike Vollmer. He is a perfectionist, and uses the best woods I have ever seen in a cue.


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No doubt about it Mike Vollmer. He is a perfectionist, and uses the best woods I have ever seen in a cue.
You mean Michael Vollmer? No way he is underrated, at least in Germany he is very well respected, and his prices are pretty high, too.

Andy VanderVoord of Michigan, outstanding artist, stand-up guy and
he does some of the most amazing full-splice butterflies!
Really great work. Unfortunately butterflies dont play essential role, which is a mess imo.

I throw my cuemaker, Dmitry Komarov alias DBK, in. His fullsplice work is at lest in the same league as -R- or D. Hill. His 6 pointer recut fullsplices are the most difficult work in the world.


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Underated ??, most cue for the money, Scott Erwin

Exotic wood, spear heard big points, nice white stuff diamonds, abolone dots, tri winds in butt sleeve with more white stuff diamonds and abolone dots, stitched collars, awesome textured leather wraps, or irish linen, or can clear coat over wraps. All handmade, great balance points, choice of joint styles, it goes on and on. For $ 500.00, are you kidding me ?? Talk about being getting more cue than your hard earn money is worth, Scott Erwin delivers. I see some of these names on this list selling a sneaky pete for $ 500.00, just imagine if they made something like a Erwin Cue ?? and try to match the hit. All Erwins are mean hitting cues.
My opinion.


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Troy Downey - if you can get one of his "Gabe Owen " series snakewood, ebony, and ivory cues from about 15 or 20 years ago- they play as well as anything out there, IMO, and I have played with many customs, others have also voiced this opinion. They are beautiful cues if you like the combination of Snakewood, Ebony, ivory and silver- one of my favorites for a cue I purchase this cue a few years ago from an AZ seller and I consider it my best value true custom cue purchase ever- after about 50 or so lifetime custom cue purchases. His construction, playability, and appearance are second to no cue I have ever owned.
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Bob Runde makes a fantastic cue, not sure why his cues don't command more $$$



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There are many Cuemakers who are underrated, because they do not go to the SBE to show off their work.

Many just sell to locals in the region, where they live.


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I don't know about cue makers, but the Gilbert jump/break cue at $400 is massively underrated, IMO.

Yes, I think this is very true. I have a Gilbert jump break with 2 shafts- one for breaking and one that is a player- PLUS - it is one of the few if only he made with a built in rear extension when using the playing shaft. At $600 I think that is truly a bargain price for a custom player by one of the best cue makers in the U.S. as well as a darn good jump/breaker- with a white diamond tip. Two cues from one of the BEST - WITH a built in extension- a real deal that i could not pass up.


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A few years on and I would have to say that Josh Treadway is still underrated. He is also terrific to work with and very open to new ideas. He was willing to try a completely new joint design which he now uses in his personal cue though I still do not have the cue I will get from him that has it.

Also, maybe more in the lesser known than underrated category I have to mention Alan Phelps. His attention to detail and workmanship is second to none, and he made a cue that had exactly the hit I was looking for. Exceptional up there with any cuemaker in my opinion.

Also still think Dan Janes has become underrated over time. A couple years ago he made me quite an exceptional custom in a timely fashion exactly on time and with a beautiful design.
I'm sure there has already been a thread about this, but I was just wanting to hear about some of the less talked about cue makers that deserve some credit. Because I have a few of the big name players and I swear my "unheard of" cue out plays them all.

Nat Green, of South East cues.

In my experience, his cues hit really nice, and are very good quality, but I do not think he gets much respect by most people out there, because he always used a CNC machine to do his points and inlays.

His cues are also very hard to sell, in my experience.

One of his cues I had was the best hitting cue that I ever played with though. Never enjoyed playing pool as much as I did when playing with that cue, and I will always so regret selling it.

I have never had any really high end cues before (the highest end being a really nice Tim Scruggs cue that I had), but I have had a lot of cues.

I just feel that Nat Green should be much more well known, and respected, as a good cue maker, because his cues do hit very nice.