Who makes the best production cues today?


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My opinion is not based on playability which is always subjective,
but on the quality of the construction, fit and finish and woods used.

gr. Dave


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I would have to agree with Dave on this one.

But this question needs to be looked at several different ways.

You have low end, middle of the road, and high end production cues.

I think the fury evolution cues are worth noting as well.

It really all depends on the price range you are looking at also.

I mean who makes the best $100 production cue vs. Who makes the best 1000 production cue.

Then you can start the arguement of, well is that line or company really a production company.
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I know a guy that is very good bar table player and swears by Lucasi cues. Even though I do not play with a production cue I have had lots of them and found that the Meucci sneaky pete's play very well, especially the older ones. For those who like the low deflection shafts, the Predator Roadline cue is a good player.


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Ive owned mezz, Ray Schuler, Joss, Schon, Lucasi, Fury, Viking, Meucci, McDermott, Predator, well just about any Production cue, and thats not counting Customs....

Whitch one? I like FURY, based on the hit and playability, whitch I have personaly compared with Schon, and Id put Mezz slightly above Schon, FURY to me is the best and thats what I use...

my second choice would be Ray Schuler, these cues are about as good as they get but they are not really a production but are so I cant really say they are the best production because they really dont fall into that catagory but they do? so loool idk...

point is I like alot of cues, however when it come time for me to play, I use a FURY


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Schon with a Predator shaft hits great. Other than Schon id go with Predator for sure. Of course i swear by predator shafts, so its not a hard choice for me


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This is totally subjective. Everyone different criteria as to what they like. Balance, feel of hit, looks, price. Many reasons to make a decision.
I have to wonder why so many professionals today use Predator shafts. I do not believe that they are getting more than a big discount on the purchase of the shaft, and in exchange they wear a Predator patch.


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I think the fury evolution cues are worth nothing as well.

Funny how one little misplaced "h" can completely turn around the meaning of a sentence ;) :D:D:D!!!

The Fury cues ARE worth "noting". I think the Mezz and Schon are neck-in-neck as far as great production cues go.



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Hands down Southwest makes the best production cue on the market. They figured out a formula and keep reproducing it even though you have to wait Ten plus years to get it.:wink:

Seriouly, I think Mezz has the best product available today with Schon a very close second.


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probably Dale Perry,i hear his cues are really good for the money.When he use to make real customs I understand that they were really good also.
I wont get into his business practices for the obvious reasons.


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Pechauer. Schons are solid as well, but I think Pechauers play better.

Thank you. My jaw was dropping further and further as I read the thread and Pechauer not even being mentioned. I'm not sure what it is, maybe very few people have played with them but they are top notch cues IMO. Again, IMO Schon would be #2 for me, I don't like their hit as well.