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X Breaker

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9 Ball Girl said:
Xiaoting and I would like to see John Morra come from the left side...
I think John Morra is going to stay around for a few more rounds at least, he is playing real strong.

Of all the Canadian players playing in this tournament, I like John Morra's chance the most. Paul Potier, Mike Vidas are both personal friends of mine, and I like them; however, I think John has had more tournament experience lately, and this may help him to get through some of the tough matches. Denny Hewitt is also a great player, who can play lights out when he is on. I feel that John Morra is very calm and consistent.

Of the women, I would like to predict Ga Young Kim.

Of the men, I am pulling for Ralf Souquet, Charlie Bryant, and Matt Krah, for selfish reasons--they are all breaking with the X Breaker.:D

It would be a historic moment to see Ralf Souquet and Jasmin Ouschan win this tournament again, and it is possible. I like Ralf's chance on the bottom half of the B -side chart more than the A side top portion.:p

Good luck to all the players.

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X Breaker

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PoolBum said:
I like Allison's half of the draw, so I'll take her and Django.

Yes, Allison Fisher's half of the draw is definitely better than the lower half, thus my pick of Ga Young Kim. It is very hard to tell, would depend on the shape the players are in when they play. Both Allison and Ga Young are top notch players.

The Taiwanese girls (Liu, Chou, Chen) are all in the same bracket on the B-side, so only one Taiwanese will emerge.

The men's draw is much tougher to predict. One will have to literally beat several world champions to get through to the finals.

I still would root for Ralf Souquet.;)

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9BallMarksman said:
Really going out on a limb there huh?

I'll take Xiaoting Pan and Corey Deuel (I always root for Corey).

I might be reaching a little bit with Earl, but I feel strongly that A. Fisher can do it and is WAAAAAAAY over due. Johnnyt


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I see they have updated the 1 loss side and it appears that Hohmann and Souquet are now out of the competition having been defeated by Marlon Manalo and Hewitt respectively.

The winner's side has not been updated yet. It is such a pity that we are not getting a lot of info (schedules, fast results, etc) about a tournament being held in the USA. On the other hand, the 2nd Guiness tour is about to kick off this weekend and we will once again be able to watch LIVE via internet the matches involcing Alcano, Wu Chia Ching, Chao, Gabica, etc.