Why a full time butt extension may be better than the alternatives.

One Pocket John

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I've been using a full time butt extension for several years now. I previously tried shaft extensions and temporary extensions. I won't be going back to previous methods.

What do you think? Will more and more people come around to this way of thinking? Butt extensions seem to be more popular than a few years ago.
I'm 6'2" tall and have a wing span of 6'2". Playing with a standard cue was just not practical.
Reason being is the weight in the butt of the cue was in my grip hand which resulted in my having to physically push the cue thru/to the cue ball.

I have a Cuetec cue with a 6" extension that I have been using for the last couple of years and really like it. The factory weights were removed. The extension weighs 4.3oz. The stick is 64" long and weighs 22oz. The balance point of the cue as measured from the tip is at 43 1/2". I like feeling the weight of the cue behind my grip hand.

Today, using a very light grip, I let the cue force itself to or thru the cue ball all I have to do is provide some arm speed and feel.


I'll never go back to using a standard length cue. You taller players may want to try this out as an experiment. You may like it