Why are pool balls round?


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So as a martial artist I have often wondered this. Why is it sports balls are mostly round. I believe it is so people don't hurt themselves. We gotta remove all the sharp edges so people don't complain and sue us from hurting themselves even when they knew what they signed up for when they started this journey. New idea duck tape spikes onto pool balls to make the game harder. Cause everyone knows spikes roll worse than a square ball.


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I have been around pool a long time but I have always wanted to know:

Why are pool balls round?🎱

Are pool balls more round on a bar box or an hourly table?🎱
Who ever thought of using round balls on a rectangular table must have been high. Everyone knows it should be square balls on a round table.

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🤣🤣🤣 Jaime lion hack your account?
This post was done the same day I put on my new hat for the first time:

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The image is titled "moving makes you weird"!

Stone cold sober...but on about 3 hours of sleep. My brother is sneaky with the camera like that.
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