It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that ping.
The world is full of naysayers, bigots, heathens, and down right lowlifes who doubt CTE. These piss heads are just too ignorant and bigoted to know the TRUE OBJECTIVE aiming system when it's presented to them. I don't have proof, but I would be willing to bet they have even slapped their own Grandmother! These villainous scum just attack us constantly because they are jealous and can't stand to see the secret get out! They've called us practitioners mean names and argued with us for over a decade. Don't be like them, come learn the ONLY TRUE way to play pool. SVB, Joshua Filler, Jaiquing Wu, Jason Shaw, Junt Lin Chang, Anton Raga, Xiaohuai Zheng, Pin Yi Ko, Fedor Ghorst, and anyone else in the top 25 use CTE! They may not even know it, but after studying hours upon hours of video footage, I can say with confidence that they all use it. You can get there too! CTE really is an amazing system and will get your game to newfound heights! Luckily there are certified instructors all over the country. These guys are the real deal. We also have an excellent resource:

CTE Book Resized smaller.jpg

In the Master Encyclopedia of Improving Your Pool Game, "CENTER POCKET MUSIC" the student is provided an entire volume of those material points. Buy yours today and tell them boogie sent you so I can get my cut.