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Gary Bluhm

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Chris Nitti Custom Cue

I am considering selling my Nitti custom cue. It is a 4 pointer, with four veneers, 2 shafts (both 13 mm, with Moori Mediums, ivory ferrules), and black printed Lizard wrap. It has the classic ivory dash rings in A,B,C,D, and E. The length is 58 inches, and the weight is 19.3 ounces with weight bolt (don't know the weight w/o weight bolt; but have several 3/8 weight bolts to make necessary adjustments). Willing to sell for $950. The cue was built in 2010 and is number 25. It was built for someone else who decided not to pay Chris, so I bought it directly from Chris brand new. I need the money to buy another cue. You can reach me at ge_bluhm@yahoo.com with more questions, and I can arrange to send pictures if you like. It is slightly used, and probably 93% condition. Only used one shaft, and the second one is unused. It is a 3/8 radial pin.


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niiti for sell

I got a nice 4 point nitti with two shafts coccobolo points and butt sleeve ivory dash rings 2 shafts both full 13mm. i would take $750 for her she is a great player 2001(39) this is the first yr he started numbering them


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