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Hello I have a custom made merry widow made by Samsara. They said there is know other cue made like it by them. I'm the only owner and had it made for myself. Its waterfall bubinga with very nice birds eye maple handle. Cue comes with two shafts and custom ebony joint protectors. The cue butt and shafts are 29 inches a piece besides Steve Klapp shaft. Hate to see it go, but need the money.

Butt: 14.17oz. uni-loc joint
Shaft 1: Samsara maple 3.99oz. Kamui black medium tip at 13.01mm. Very stiff shaft
Shaft 2: Meucci black dot flat laminated 4.69oz. Karomi medium tip at 12.75mm. Stiff and great deflection.
Shaft 3: 30 inch Steve Klapp old growth 4.04oz. Ultra skin soft tip at 12.53mm. With ivory ferrule which is cracked, but still plays the same. To my eye everything rolls true together and apart. Cue isn't perfect but almost.Balance point is close to 19 inches from butt end with all shafts.
NO longer for sale. Thanks for looking Brian
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Just a little humor (I hope)

Just a quick question and I really hope it is just humor!
What is a "KUMOORI"tip?