Your advice on replacing a ferrule on a Mali cue. . . .


Might it be easy or hard to replace the ferrule on this Mali shaft (I think its a Mali shaft ---- the butt is)? What type of ferrule is this so that I would know what to order? What advice do you have for an inexperienced person to replace this ferrule?

Broken ferrule on Mali cue.jpg
Mali cue 2.jpg
Mali cue but end.jpg
Tip part that is ok.jpg


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That thing looks to be paper thin. I would think you are going to need help if doing it the way it is. Was that shaft diameter reduced before?


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Do you have a lathe? Without a proper lathe to work with, replacing the ferrule will be quite challenging. You can't just buy a ferrule that will fit.
You will need to carefully remove the old ferrule and inspect the tenon. Then figure out how you want the new ferrule to attatch, and prepare the tenon and new ferrule.
You can get ferrule material several different ways: Tube, Rod, or capped and threaded. All will be oversized to the shaft and require turning.


I have retipped cues and enjoyed the accomplishment. I wondered if it was possible to re-ferrule shafts with minimal equipment. It looks like that may not be reliably done.

I do not know if the shaft diameter was reduced before. I only know about it from an Ebay posting selling now the cue for $105 including shipping. The seller mentions the tipless cue but not the cracked ferrule.

Thanks for the help,.


Kim Bye

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You will need a lathe to change ferrule and it's not anything like changing a tip.
A ferrule change will set you back about $60-75. Just go with Juma, it's a great middle of the road ferrule material.


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You don't need a lathe to change a ferrule. You need a lathe to change a ferrule efficiently. It can be done with hand tools, but the results are going to vary widely depending on the time taken and the skill of the craftsman.

Everybody who owns a lathe and calls themselves a cuemaker needs to remember (or learn) that hand-scraping ways used to be the path to the most accurate lathes and mills in the world. A person can fit something to incredibly high tolerances by hand. It isn't easy or fast.

Fwiw, I've replaced several ferrules by hand when I was without a lathe.


hat thing looks to be paper thin. I would think you are going to need help if doing it the way it is. Was that shaft diameter reduced before?
Are you writing about how the ferrule seems thin and cracked at the tip? It seems to be a photo of a ferrule cylinder around a wooden shaft---the tip would have touched wood shaft and ferrule. That can't be, right? Is it something worse than a tip that came off a cracked ferrule?

The cue is still for sale.