Your best playing production cue


2006 Viking F50 Custom:


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Would a Predator Panthera count?

They make 100 pool versions and 30 carom versions? Done by Jacoby.

And Exceed was mentioned. That’s 50/50 like the Pantheras. As they are sold by a production company, but Exceeds are built the same as custom.

Fore Rail

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Had a bit of luck in the past with the Mezz WD & WX 700 shafts on a older Pechauer butt that would accept the united joint.

So to answer the original question Mezz & Pechauer. 😀

Having said, I am currently playing with Predator. 😁


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I still play occasionally with my ‘85 Joss merry widow and my ‘91 Meucci sneaky pete.


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My best feeling cue is an OB Ebony, straight line core, OB1+ with Moori Hard tip. I know a lot of people didn't like the wooden ferrule, but I sure do. Especially when paired with a hard tip.

Some people have expressed they think the OB 1 shaft feels mushy. But I can tell you for sure it does not with a hard tip on it. It is awake and lively!
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Mezz and Pechauer.
Extremeley high quality standard. Absolutley Top Notch stuff!

Stamboulini ( end of 80 s) was also a fine cue.


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What’s the best playing production cue you’ve ever played with for the money?
Player HXT and my $40 Nitro (designed by McDermott, I think). I would assume the McDermott Lucky falls in the same category as my Nitro.


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I have a Schon STL4 I won back in the heyday of AZB raffles. Cue plays fantastic.