Your Cue Stick History?

Greg M

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I've used a number of snooker cues for English pool throughout my life, up until last year. Here's my list:

First: A Riley snooker cue. Probably the best 1/2 jointed cue I've ever used. Unknown specs.

Second: A Cuesoul snooker cue (3/4 jointed, 57", ~18oz, ~9.5mm tip). Affectionately dubbed Lucille, since I tended to "beat" people with it in college compared to the rack cues I'd been using. A friend of mine dropped it out of its case and dented the joint and loosened a weight inside it. Nonetheless, still works.

Third: Woods snooker cue (3/4 jointed, 58", 17.8oz, 9.5mm tip). My first Woods cue. Had it about a month until another friend of mine banged it against the floor and split the butt. Again, like the Cuesoul, still works.

Fourth: Second Woods cue (3/4 jointed, 58", 19.5oz, 9.5mm tip). My current snooker cue. Used to use it for pool, but it was a tad heavy for my liking.

Fifth: Peradon custom (one-piece, 57", 17.5oz, 9mm tip). My current pool cue and my absolute favourite cue. Received it last year, but I have yet to hit a ball with the thing, which is such a shame.

Chili Palmer

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1) 1986 - Adams - given to me by my father - stolen 1987
2) 1987 - Viking - $100 special - purple - traded for an RC car in 1992
3) 1992 - Heubler - still own it and play with it on occasion - as I get older I found I like a lighter cue
3) 2003 - Pechaeur - still own it. Didn't like how it hit so used it as a break cue. Sits in a case in near mint condition - for sale in the for sale thread :)

I quit in 2004 and started playing again in 2018 so bought a bunch of sticks to try stuff out:

4) 2018 - Ned Morris - was my daily player until I put a massive ding in the shaft, use it at home often
5) 2018 - Dzuricky - gorgeous cue but was too heavy so sold it to AZB member (best looking cue I've ever owned)
6) 2018 - Kelly Peterson (MVP) tulip wood - Was back heavy due to extension hardware - sold it back to original owner who bought it for his wife
7) 2018 - McDermott (forget model) - good hitting cue, in my case 1/2 the time and my son uses it as his player in league
8) 2019 - Huebler - Can't remember model but guessing early/late 90's by logo - daily player
9) 2019 - PureX break/jump - sold
10) 2020 - Dove - Steve Miserak's brand. I believe it's one of the first models in the series - rough shape and I'm hoping to refresh it soon.
11) 2020 - Huebler - don't remember model - made a shaft to use it as a break cue
12) 2021 - Huebler - I believe it's an AS-H3 - basic wrap less - picked up for $10 :) - going to make a break stick out of it (maybe)

I also have random house cues, a couple of jump sticks, a cue I won in1986 from the local pool hall (no-name with hall's logo on it) and I'm sure I'm forgetting something :)


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Wow, apparently my list is short:

The usual $20 Kmart job
A no wrap Adam, my brother has this one now.
Since 1993, a Richard Black merry widow
A players break jump
Finally, a bungee jump cue.

Chili Palmer

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Wow, apparently my list is short:

The usual $20 Kmart job
A no wrap Adam, my brother has this one now.
Since 1993, a Richard Black merry widow
A players break jump
Finally, a bungee jump cue.

LOL, mine probably would've stopped at the first Huebler if I didn't quit for 14 years. When I came back I instantly knew the old Huebler was a bit too heavy for my liking so I bought 4 or 5 sticks to try out and picked the Ned Morris out of all of them.


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In order of cues I’ve used as a player. Sold all of them except my current samsara. Wish I still had the mezz and Rick Howard sometimes.
McDermott plain cheapy
Mezz ZZ01
Jeff Olney MW
Alex Brick MW
Pat Diveney sneaky
Rick Howard sneaky
Jacoby sneaky
Samsara MW


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Here is my list, all that is left is one Tascarella and my Joey-

Barnhart (2)
B. Szamboti
Pechauer (2)
Ned Morris (2)
Rick Howard (3)
MasonH (3)
Black Boar (2)
Olney (2)
Sugartree (3)
Tascarella (3)
Zylr (2)
Joey Bautista (2)


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I’ve used 3 Snooker cues in 52 years: both for Snooker and American Pool


I also have a collection of about 35 cues. Get them at the thrift stores. Usually under $10 or about $15 with case. Might be valued at $1000 or $50. A few of the Snooker cues are worth a lot more than the one I use but I’ve played with my stick most days for 14 years and it should last another 14.

Johnny Rosato

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Not counting K mart cues, good cues starting in '77 or '78
Huebler H7 or something 7 ~ lost in game
Meucci Sneaky ~ stole w McD
McDermott D-5 ~ stole w Meucci
Not in any order
4 or 5 more Meucci's Originals, including JR-1 ~ all sold
1 Schon SL-1 ~ too stiff ~ sold
1 Andy Gilbert J/B ~ great all round cue, ~ sold, shoulda kept it
1 Josey Sneaky w/ collars - GREAT cue ~ sold, if I was more flexible I'd still be kicking my ass
5 or 6 McD's De series and E series, all lowest model Merry Widows ~ all sold except two E-series
*** And some folks don't know it but the E-Series is the same wood in the Merry Widows and shafts
as the D-Series and play every bit as good.
About 3 Schmelke Sneakies, I kept the Bocote, sold the others
Pechauer Sneaky, recently sent back and they informed me butt and shaft both warped.
- They gave me $370 credit on any cue, after I told them I bought it in 2010 & only paid $290.
I chose their Naked Black Ice break cue, the damn shaft weighs 6.5 oz & that cue hits hard.
I named it Mike Tyson Pechauer customer service is over-the-top.
1 mint old mid-80's Mali in prime condition.
My playing cue I got about 10 years ago. 2001 Rick Howard - best I ever hit with.
I'll be keeping the Rick Howard, Pechauer, and the McDermott E-series, and probably the Mali.
For sale or giving to local friends ~ Schmelke and my other McDermott E-series Merry Widow.
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My main cues were
Brunswick 1979
McDermott 1979
Viking 1980
Mali 1984
Viking 1985
Meucci 1987
Schon 1988
Hightower since 1989
I bought and sold a lot of used cues during the 80s so I had short stints of playing with Adam, Benson, BCE, Black, Gandy, Joss, Schmelke, Pechauer and others. But the ones listed by date are the ones I stuck with for at least months at a time.
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Howdy All;

From 61 to 79 I just used off the wall cues.
Bought a Meucci MO-3 in early 79 still have it
Bludworth acquired in 2006 used from e-bay verified by Blud in 2017 Told me he'd only made about a dozen like mine
with a root beer colored micarta joint and Butt cap. These were just before he went with the Black and Silver rings.
Meucci HP-1 in 2007
Early Joss sideways W another e-bay verified by Bill in 2017
Duffern (Dot), also from e-bay, had a break shaft made for it, Oak, came from the old Community Center's dance floor
maybe 60 years old, well aged and cured, chuckle.
McDermott C-6 e-bay again 2019
Hunter Classic 2020 Had one made, Lock down has prevented me from even using it yet.
Still have'em all.



Starting from about 23 years ago:

Red aluminum cue (After a while the anoized finish cut into my hand)
Cuetec Excalibur (Which I got mad at and broke)
Dufferin House cue
Cheap wrapless 12mm Mcdermott (which i still have)
Predator Sneaky Pete w/ 314-2
Predator Sneaky Pete w/ z3
Predator Sneaky Pete w/ Revo (Which i now change with the z3 from time to time)


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Meucci Original 89
Joss Custom 94
Lucasi 18
Go Customs 20
Still Have them all
Got a GO customs shaft 12.5 mm for my Joss and am back to playing with that cue again.


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1984-1989, started out with cheap Modell's department store cues. These broke after 6 months. First real cue was $50 sneaky pete with brown micarta joints from V. Loria on the Lower East Side in NYC. This was 3-4x the cost of a department store cue.

Fast forward to 2007, dufferin sneaky pete clone.
Huebler Sneaky Pete
collected a few Hueblers and had some one piece converted.
Bludworth in 2012. Came across a Southwest shaft, so had the pin changed on the Bludworth to 3/8x11.
Tempted to get a Southwest pacifier. When I had the money, the prices skyrocketed overnight from $1K to $2.5K asking.


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1. Earl Strickland Maximizer (cuetec? CF thing) when I was a kid. I kept it in my car in FL for like 10 years and it's still straight.
2. Predator 4k2/Z1/Z2 when I got a job
3. lucasi jump
4. Gilbert J/B (main breaker)
5. Judd JT1 (main player still with a Z3)
6. Jim Pierce tulipwood
7. Judd 1992 6pt ebony/ivory (my precious... need to get a revo made for it)



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What is your cue stick history? Here's mine

Unknown, gone in 3 days.
Schmelke, leather wrap
Viking, leather wrap
Josswest, leather wrap
Meucci, filled
Joss, Limited Edition, Irish
McDermott, all wood
Dominiak, Irish
Schmelke,Bocote, blk leather wrap

That took about 46 years and counting.
Store bought Brunswick - 1970s
Doc Frye custom ordered - 1970s
Meucci MO9 - 1970s - 1990s
Gus Szamboti - 1980s - 1990s
Schonn - Late 1990s
Pechauer - Early 2000s
Predator - Early 2000s - 2010
Pechauer custom ordered - 2010 - 2016
Mezz - 2016 - 2019
Mezz Exceed custom ordered 2019 - Present


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Cheap Chinese import (balsa wood)
Leroy Price Sneaky Pete