Yow, in the news. Traveling Exhibition soon


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I made the newspaper in Nashville! It's exciting, so I thought I'd share it with you guys, along with some other good news.

I'm working with a table manufacturer to provide me with a table so that I can take my show on the road, namely to places that want to host a show of Eric Yow's Trick Shot Madness but do not have the requisite table. I have a trailer lined up and I'm working on putting a sound system together. Once I acquire the table (after Hopkins), I'll be able to give you all more info and let you know when and where I'll be going. I'm excited about this venture and I am confident that the Lord will bless it. He's taken great care of me so far and I look forward to all that He has in store for me.

I'll be at Hopkins playing in the Masters. Come say "hello!" See you on the road!



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Yo Yow

Great to hear your still kick'n. Let me know if u will get to Valley Forge in time for the Pro Am, and if u need an Am partner.