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    Valley Black Cat home pool table

    My table gotta go. Getting Grandpa's 100 yr old table. Valley black cat 7' home version. 93x53 Not coin operated. Original cloth. Slower then any Simonis I've played. But it doesn't need to be replaced. I can help with delivery. I have a enclosed trailer. Located Wilmington,Il $900 with...
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    FS: Ebony Cognoscenti

    Sold shipped ----- trades welcome, up or down. But I will be limited to adding 500. 19 or 19.2 total weight. Depends on shaft. Butt - 15.5oz 2 shafts & joint protectors. Shafts 1" below the ferrules are 12.6 / 3.55oz and 12.65 / 3.7oz Ferrules a little thicker then the 1" below measurement...
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    Wanted Lucasi Hybrid new or excellent used

    Taken care of long time ago.