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    99 Ball Run

    Here is a 99 ball run that I did some years back. I thought some of you might enjoy watching. Not too long of a video. Slightly over 3 minutes per rack. (I do NOT...
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    Question: Opening Break

    I have always believed on the opening break. When causing an illegal break and the cue ball goes in the upper corner pocket, that it was only -2 points and that the illegal break over rides the scratch.... I recently watched a 2017 match between Alex P. and Thorsten H.... where Alex scratched...
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    Rule Question

    I was playing a match when my opponent played a soft safe off the rack attempting to send the cue up table but the cue ball never made it to a rail. As I was getting out of my chair, my opponent picked up the cue ball. I told him that I believe that is a 15 point foul. He stated No it wasn't. I...
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    Need some help

    Does anyone know how to contact ( Str8PoolMan ).... He wanted to join my 14.1 League and our messages got messed up.... I sent him a private message here on AZ but I don't know how often he checks in... My deadline to join my league is today.
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    14.1 League

    I have started a 14.1 league in the north Dallas/Richardson area (Texas). There hasn't been a straight pool league here in well over 25 years. We're in our second season and it is really catching on and I do believe the league will grow. A lot of interest so far. I have a private page on FB...
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    New 14.1 League

    Well, I have been thinking about this for years. I decided to step up to the plate. I am starting a 14.1 league to the area (north of Dallas). There hasn't been one here in over 20-25 years maybe longer. I had thirteen very good players sign up including myself. The season will last four months...
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    Cue/case on Planes

    I know I have seen this subject a long time back but can anyone tell me if one is allowed to take a cue & case as a carry on a flight. Is there any update info. on this subject. I am flying SW Airlines in a month or so and the information will help. Thanks.
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    My Video

    I am proud to say that my 14.1 Instructional video just went over 1,300 views. Just from AZ & FB postings..... Makes a guy feel good. My Thanks to everyone who has watched it and for all the pm's.....
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    Wheel Scoring Video

    OK, just wanted to cover both the Bead & the Wheel. So here it is.
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    I made a video on how to use the bead scoring system. I hope everyone likes it. Remember, I do not do this for a living....LOL... I did my best.
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    14.1 Accu-Stats Tour.

    This might not mean much but I would like to give Danny Harriman a big "Congrats" for playing in that tournament. I found myself most interested in watching his matches. There is no shame in losing any of those matches to those gifted players and Danny is on that same list. They all had some on...
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    I had the pleasure of finally getting to meet the AZ Forum's own "sfleinen". Sean was on a business trip here in Dallas. He came over the house two different nights. We played a lot of pool. I will tell you that the man can play & on top of it. He is very knowledgeable. He knows the game. I...
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    Well, I just got back home after playing a 14.1 league match against 9balljim. Jim beat me 150 to 106 and he beat me fair & square. Jim played with confidence & a calmness. He had good runs in the high teens and a few 20's. He made what he was supposed to make & than played good safes. I on the...
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    I am giving myself a big "Congrats" today for achieving 1,000 views with my 14.1 Instructional video part II. I hope that it has helped many players out there. I have only posted it here on the Forum. So, I feel that reaching 1,000 views is saying something.
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    Runs of Video......

    Runs on Video...... I totally agree on the subject of a video for runs over 70. There should be some exceptions: If the player has a run during a tournament or league match where there are no camera set up. But, they should list what tour. or league match etc. Or if they have a nice run with...