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    What Is The Most Over Rated Cue?

    This may be a boneheaded question, but for all of you who answer Predator, are we talking about the overall cues or also the after market shafts? I have no desire to get a predator cue, but I do like my 314-2 shaft.
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    Diamond pro am questions

    Great room. But do you need me to send you some Bruins gear to class it up a bit? Lol
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    Diamond pro am questions

    Are you happy with the light? I am considering a Littman light as well.
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    Diamond pro am questions

    I’ll call around on prices. As far as maple vs oak- any more opinions? And Trent- we talked on the phone a couple weeks ago. Do you have any tables now? Deliver to 46321 zip? I can be flexible on delivery time. Haven’t closed yet.
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    Diamond pro am questions

    Thanks! I was just discussing that in the thread about Johnny Archer’s new bar/pool hall. I will check those out as well.
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    Archer's Place, Marietta Ga...??

    Thanks. I was just at the Brunswick site, and must have missed it. Are they brand new? Is there a non-coin op version?
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    Diamond pro am questions

    Hey guys. Got divorced during the pandemic and moving to a new house. Can only fit a 7 footer. Almost definitely going Diamond pro-am. I like the rosewood finish. Simonis tournament blue 860. 1. I like the look of maple over oak. Any downside to it, other than additional cost? Is it less...
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    Archer's Place, Marietta Ga...??

    I watched the Youtube video. What are the new model 7 foot Brunswick tables that JA refers to? He says that they are like a 7 foot GC. Thanks in advance for the info.
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    Pool Drills on Youtube

    Thank you all for your input.
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    Pool Drills on Youtube

    I’m putting up a tv on the wall near my table in the basement. While I’m doing it mainly to be able to watch sports while playing pool, I also want to use it to do some pool drills which I find online (on youtube, etc). Is there a good serious of online instructional videos that you guys can...
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    How do you improve?

    What does PSR stand for? Thanks!
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    Diamonds "Blue" 7' are ping pong machines!

    Do you think part of it is that the diamond 7 footers all have Simonis 860 and we are used to much slower cloth on the valleys? Not saying that the rails aren’t different, but I think that the faster cloth also contributes to the different feel. Unless, of course, you’ve been playing...
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    Which light for 8 foot pro table?

    I'm getting a new light for my 8 foot pro Olhausen Remington table. I have a 55" three shade light now. I know that they say for a 9 foot table go with a 72" four shade light. What about for a 8 foot pro (8.5 feet?) Thanks in advance
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    Pool Cue Rack - Chicago

    You can try Cue-N-Cushion, 622 W Lake Street, Elmhurst, IL (630) 834-1220.
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    Lakeland shaft

    In general do lakewood shafts have less deflection than regular maple shafts?