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    Meucci Original 84-7

    Meucci Original 84-7 SOLD Butt 15.6 oz Shaft 3,6oz 12,99mm More photo's can be seen here
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    Monster Chad Carter

    Awesome Chad Carter cue. 8 point, 4 hi, 4 low. Everything white is Ivory except for the butt cap. Solid ivory joint with 3\8 11 titanium pin. Black leather wrap. Butt 15.4 oz Shaft 4.2 oz 13.09 mm $1995 Price includes shipping More photo's can be seen here...
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    Schon STL 18 1 of a kind

    Schon STL 18 Just got back from Scott Erwin New finish added New Ivory joint New Leather wrap SOLD More photo's can be seen here
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    Mezz Break cue

    Mezz Break cue with Pro H shaft Best break cue on the market hands down. SOLD More photo's can be seen here
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    Volturi case

    Volturi case I have 2 Volturi cases 3x6 4x8 Both SOLD More photo's can be seen here
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    Dennis Swift case

    Dennis Swift 3x6 SOLD More photo's can be seen here
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    ----- PRICE REDUCED Shurtz by Bob Owens -----

    More Pictures Here Shurtz by Bob Owens SOLD Butt weight 15.4 oz Butt at joint 21.65 Butt cap 31.15 Butt length 28 3/4 Shaft -1 13 mm 4.4 oz 29 in Shaft -2 12.75 mm 4.3 oz 29 in
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    ----- PRICE REDUCED Blackcreek -----

    More Pictures Here Blackcreek SOLD Butt weight 15.5 oz Butt at joint 21.60 Butt cap 32.20 Butt length 29 in Shaft 13.20 mm 4.2 oz 29 in
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    ----- Schon Shafts -----

    More Pictures Here From Left to Right 1) New 3.7oz 12.56mm SOLD 2) New 4.2oz 13.09mm SOLD 3) New 4.1oz 12.95mm SOLD 4) New 4.4oz 13.07mm SOLD 5) New 4.3oz 12.96mm SOLD 6) Used 4.1oz 12.12mm SOLD 7) Used 3.6oz 11.80mm SOLD 8) New Ivory...
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    WTS Mezz Power Break DI with Pro H shaft the Ferrari of Break cues

    No Longer For Sale Thanks Sean
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    ----- Reduced Prices Tiger ONYX LTD Tips -----

    Pictures of cues for sale or trade can be seen here NEW lower price $17 each shipping included Onyx LTD Pool Cue Tip Onyx - LTD® laminated cue tips are made with the same bore hides as our Sniper tips. Each of the finest layers are then...
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    ---- Phillippi ----

    More Pictures Here Phillippi SOLD All white is Ivory except the butt cap, abalone circles inside the Ivory in the butt, has 5 points and they are dead nut even, there are 5 veneers Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Black. Small crack/scratch in...
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    ---- 314 - Tiger X - Schon - Schon IV ----

    More Pictures Here From left to right - All shafts roll straight 1 NEW Schon Shafts 4.3oz 13mm SOLD 2 NEW Schon Shafts 4.4oz 13mm SOLD 3 Schon IV This shaft is so pristine it could pass for New 4.2oz 12.85mm SOLD 4 Schon IV 4.2oz...
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    ---- Blackcreek ----

    More Pictures Here
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    ---- Shurtz ----

    More Pictures Here