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    Slipstroke: Loose Grip = CB Action

    i bet you wish you could play with a real cue instead of a scientific calculator, the feedback you get would give results that do not lie ;-)
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    Slipstroke: Loose Grip = CB Action

    a loose or death grip does exactly the same thing for me. i notice no difference
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    Video of me shooting around for 30 minutes.

    I can't give any tips but I sure can learn a thing or two. Very nice.
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    Your next shot?

    Have a merry christmas!! I thought that your contributions to the thread were pretty good. I learned a lot from your replies.
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    Your next shot?

    I'd play a safe off the side of the green striped ball with low left. Going 2 rails to behind what looks like is a purple striped ball. It would criss cross below side pocket to behind the purple striped ball. Leaving the one as the only real option to shoot as a bank in the side. Also breaking...
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    Finding the Desire to Play the Game

    I took about a 10 year break. Well I only played about 3 times a year. It was the best thing for my game. When I came back I was a lot better than before. I didn't forget a thing. So don't worry too much about not practicing. but I hope you are able to get to the pool hall soon.
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    With BIH is there a optimum distance to positio the cueball?

    Whatever is easiest for you in the particular shot. Also many players do things differently because they have different styles. But you are a beginner typically the closer the cueball to the object ball the easier. Unless it is so close it obstructs you from stroking the pool cue. In other words...
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    Pat Diveney Custom Pool Cue - Bidding starts at 400.00

    Bidding starts at 400.00. It is a 7 day auction. Buy it now for 1200.00. Thank you for the bids. Listing has ended.
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    Critique my stroke - video analysis

    Use short mini strokes. Could also play around with bridge lengths. For a visual example see Dennis Orcollo or Alex Pagulayan on The less distance the tip is away from the cueball the less chance you add unwanted english. Generally the shorter the bridge the more accurate although...
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    Using "Center Ball" - is it good advice or a hidden disadvantage?

    Thank you for taking so much effort into explaining. It is not everyday you get to get instruction from a true master of the game
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    Critique my stroke - video analysis

    Well your fundamentals are pretty good. Most really good players have there chin touching or right above the cue. You are tall so it is not easy for you. Could help to bend the knees or something. You do look uncomfortable. But I think most players are when just starting. Not to bad. Not...
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    Using "Center Ball" - is it good advice or a hidden disadvantage?

    Well CJ I tried your technique today. I have always had a harder time with centerball shots than I do english shots. Just the way my stroke is. Works great!!
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    Why do players turn there cue to a certain spot?

    I was watching Francisco Bustamante when I saw him do it in this video (it should be at the right spot in the video): Thanks
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    Using "Center Ball" - is it good advice or a hidden disadvantage?

    Wow great thread. Really found it interesting. Some things that I have never comtemplated. I remember watching jose parica on youtube and seeing him put a slight bit of english on his shots and wondering why.
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    Using the breath during stroke

    You should do anything that makes it easier for you. For me personally I wouldn't because it would make me feel uncomfortable. I just strive to be comfortable and focused on the shot. If I have to think about breathing than I am not focused on what I have to do I am focused breathing. Of course...