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    Sold Rare one pocket videos

    Are these tapes still available?
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    Maverick Club Kentucky

    In reading the Beard's book "Encyclopedia of Pool Hustlers" the Maverick Club in Richmond, KY was brought up a few times. It was mentioned that it was a heavy action spot and that the owner had both Buddy Hall and Earl Strickland playing out of there at one time. Jay Helfert also mentioned the...
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    Lake Tahoe October 1980 info wanted

    I am looking for information regarding this invitational tournament that was held in Lake Tahoe in October 1980. Neither National Billiard News or Billiards Digest covered the tournament. Specifically looking for the results of the "All-Around World Invitational Championships". With 60 points...
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    American Billiard Revue and All About Pool magazine

    I'm looking for issues of American Billiard Revue from 1970-1974 and also All About Pool magazine from the late 1980's to mid 1990's. Contact me is you have any for sale.
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    National Billiard News 1992-2001

    I have an extra set of National Billiard News that I'm looking to sell. I have most issues from 1992 to 2001 and then an incomplete run to about 2006. If anyone is interested I can inventory the papers and post the exact issues that are available. I'm not looking to make a killing on these. They...
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    Lassiter vs Breit 1967

    Excellent coverage of a 1967 match in Vineland, NJ
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    Vineland, NJ 1974

    Two more from the Daily Journal.
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    Q-Ball Lounge April 1973

    From the pages of the Daily Journal, Vineland, NJ April 1973
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    Diamond Billiard Center circa 1978

    In the third paragraph there is a report from a tournament held at the Diamond Billiard Center. Does anyone know where the Diamond Billiard Center was?
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    Jimmy Fusco vs Allen Hopkins.

    York Daily Record Dec. 20, 1987
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    Jimmy Fusco vs Allen Hopkins.

    From the York Daily Record Dec. 18, 1987. At that point in time it was a slight edge to Allen.