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    Sanction while keeping current format?

    I'm looking at choices for a sanctioning body that will allow my local league to keep it's current format. It's currently 6 player teams, every night you draw and are matched up with a teammate. So each night each team is split into 3 pairs. Then we play a race to 10, matching up appropriately...
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    Weekly tournament /B&R jackpot ideas wanted

    I'm looking to start a weekly tournament with a break and run jackpot at a small bar (3 tables). Looking to expect a 16-32 player field (especially when the jackpot gets high). I need a quick and dirty tourney format that will allow everything to run fast (folks around here don't want to...
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    Here's a scenario ; Unsportsmanlike or not?

    You're playing Texas express nine ball, race to seven for the cash. Rack your own, winner breaks. You're using the magic rack. You break, make a ball, and leave the cue ball behind the head string. No balls stay on the rack but you get down to shoot figuring you'll move it next shot...
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    Rear loaded shaft

    I'm looking for someone who would be interested in taking a shaft and adding weight to the joint end. I want the effect of significantly forward weighting a cue for breaking (additional 2-3 ounces maybe?). Is this feasible, and if so who would be interested in taking it on? 5/16 x 14 flat...
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    Racking ethics

    Here's the situation - You are in a match that is important to you/your team. Alternate break. Your opponent is slug racking you every time. Asking for a new rack is not helping. If TD is there he will tell you to get over it after 2-3 reracks and hit it. Opponent will not allow you (and rules...
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    Pool table re cover

    I'm looking for advice on pros and con's of glueing just the edge of the cloth versus glueing the whole surface, and which glue is recommended. Any help is appreciated Sent from my C811 4G using Tapatalk
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    Aiming device that sits on the rail

    I'm trying to find a device I remember that would sit on the rail and tell you if you hit the rail right where you wanted, or left or right of your target. Can anyone remember what this gadget was called? Sent from my C811 4G using Tapatalk
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    Any AZBers in the Albany (Latham) area?

    I'm in town for work ( staying in Latham). Looking for anyone that wants to either just shoot around or gamble cheap ($10-20) sets. Shoot me a pm or respond here, looking forward to meeting some of you :) -Andy
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    3/8x10 snooker shaft?

    Would it be feasible to have a shaft made for snooker that would fit on my 3/8x10 pool cue butt? Total cue weight is around 19.5oz, so a bit heavy for snooker but not unthinkable. If so, who would be able to make one for me? (9.5mm, brass ferrule, conical taper) Thanks, Andy
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    Video - general advice wanted

    I posted this in another thread but would appreciate general feedback. This video only shows a firm draw stroke, but critique is welcome.
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    Wanted : Ferrule replacement - 314

    I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place to post this. Title says it all, I have a buddy who plays with what I believe is an original Predator 314 shaft. It has cracked about 3/4 of the way around, and I'm looking for quotes on replacing it if its possible. Thanks, Andy Sent from...
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    WTB Merry Widow wrapless $400

    Looking for a merry widow wrapless that is made out of one solid piece of wood, looking for something very simple. I don't want anything that has a defined wrap area, just nice figured wood. Show me what you have, my budget is flexible :) - Andy EDIT - I'd love something along the lines of...