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    $10,000 club

    I don't care who you are or how you play, if you took home 12K in a tournament that is fantastic! Congrats to you.
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    Confusion!.......Spin the Cue ball or Center Cue ball MOSTLY?

    One thing I've experienced in life is that greatness at something does not make someone a great teacher. I'm not referencing the OP, just making a statement. A friend of mine said he recently took lessons from CJ Wiley and how it opened up many ways at looking and approaching things. He couldn't...
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    Sold Porper 3x6 Oval cue case

    Very nice, good luck with your sale.
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    Sold Porper 3x6 Oval cue case

    I see a nice looking Runde in there:)
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    Butch, who are these guys?

    Keep an eye out for Joe LeFors;)
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    Funny Comment from a teammate on my cue.

    I haven't either. I've played with his stainless and micarta jointed cues, but hope to try one of his ivory jointed cues. His stainless aren't as stiff as the Schons.
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    Funny Comment from a teammate on my cue.

    Have you ever played with one of Bob's customs with an ivory joint? I know you prefer ivory.
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    Kenny Murrell

    When you get it please post some pictures, I've heard great things about his work. Excited for you, enjoy.
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    Good Books for Pool Players

    In most things in life; being a good anything is tied to opportunity, hard work, sacrifice, and learning from those who've walked the path.
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    Diamond Pocket Problems and Black Marks...again

    You're resourceful, a good guy to have as a neighbor. Now help me unthread my old, rusted galvanized steel sprinkler pipe:)
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    what's the best cue you ever hit with, and why?

    I like these threads because they can turn you on to a maker you may have never heard of. I've played with countless production cues, but not many customs. There's my disclaimer. My favorite is a Runde 99. It felt like it was made for me, although it wasn't. The balance and feel are what...
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    Bob Owen "Balabushka trbute" exc cond

    I want to sleep in my bed just a little more than I want this beauty. If I bought it, my wife would have me sleeping in the rose garden. Gorgeous cue, good luck.
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    Horrors! Spirit Airlines and cues!

    Glad the gear is safe. I was wondering recently about pros traveling with their gear. I saw an episode of What's in the Case, where Efren puts a big fragile sticker on his case when he travels. Seems risky.
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    How to get a Fargo rating? I'm sure it's been posted millions of times but I need it.

    Some of us don't want to know what their Fargo Rating may be:)
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    Which case do you prefer -tubes or felt liners

    I bought a Porper case, roughly 30 years old, that was foam on the inside. It was a really good case, but it had lived its life. I was mainly looking for a cheap case that I could use for storage. I bought one through Seyberts, not really looking that closely at it. I had never used a tube case...