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    What is a hustler style case?

    :) Let's see, you need a break cue, a jump cue, a playing cue, a collectable cue to show your buddies, a couple of carbon shafts that you are trying out, a butt weight set for on the fly changes; special, comfortable pool shoes; a shaper, a scuffer, a burnisher, Qwax, a Qclaw, a couple...
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    Light size

    Have you seen these:
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    What is a hustler style case?

    I can't seem to figure out what styling makes a case a "hustler style" case? Any insights? Thanks.
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    New - Early - Cohen 4 Point-Flame Veneers - Custom Inlays

    Does either shaft have any taper roll? By taper roll, I mean....Normally the middle of the shaft does not touch the table because of the taper. Let's say the edge of the middle of the shaft is 1.5 mm off the table when lying on the table. Doe the edge of the shaft stay a constant 1.5 mm off...
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    Kevin Varney Cues.

    I can't see the rings in your pictures, but there is a similar looking merry window Varney that is currently for sale:
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    Do you use stun run-through?

    ...and what do you consider to be stun follow? Is it this: In other words, increasing cue ball speeds(with follow/top) cause the cue ball to move further and further along the tangent line before the follow/top bends the angle forward of the tangent line.
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    Best cheap scale?

    I ended up buying this $15 scale: AWS Series Digital Pocket Weight Scale 1kg x 0.1g, (Silver), AWS-1KG-SIL. The price dropped $2 after I ordered mine. I bought that one because it has a 10 year limited warranty: I also bought a 500g calibration weight, which cost as much as the scale. When I...
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    Jeanette Lee "For Sale" Fundraiser

    GoFundMe wouldn't let me donate $101.01--no pennies--so I donated $101: If you look down the list of comments, Jennifer Barretta left a really sweet note:
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    Jeanette Lee "For Sale" Fundraiser

    If you will accept $799 for the cue from a buyer, I will donate $101.01 to Jeanette Lee. Once you find a buyer, and before you accept payment, post in this thread, and I will donate the money anonymously, and you will be able to see the identifying amount on the front page of Jeanette Lee's...
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    Freezer's in AZ name change?

    Do you know why Scott left?
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    Freezer's in AZ name change?

    There were a couple of earlier threads about Freezer leaving and the change of ownership. One of the new owners used to be a pool player. The owners are profiled here:
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    Chris Nitti Ebony Cue with Flame Veneers ---MUST SEE---

    Even though you only posted twice on azbilliards, and both posts were on the same day five years ago, when you read this post tell the owner that I'll pay $100 more than Mikematich for the cue. :)
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    Does this cue have a weight bolt installed?

    If so, what tool would I need to remove it? Thanks!
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    Schmelke purple heart break cue review

    Then your post is not a review, rather it's an advertisement for Schmelke. A book review, a movie review, any review is by nature subjective because it consists of the author's opinion of the thing under review.
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    Break Cue Recs?

    I've got that one, too. My review here: