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    Pool hall owners only: How do you guys handle a player that regularly plyas on air barrel. Player is unable to pay such amount tot heir opponent after the set. Player has accumulated debts with several players. What do you do?
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    2017 Josey Gambler Cue

    Josey gambler cue set 30/30 split 3 predator 314-2 shafts 3 original Josey shafts All matching rings Loaded with Abalone Inlays I also have a Mezz WX700 and a revo radial available for the right price. Willing to hear all reasonable offers and cash is king. $5500.00 There is a small ding on...
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    One Pocket

    Why is it that one pocket is not a called ball game? One pocket is such a controlled game that it would make sense to have call ball into the rules to take out the random ball going in. Disclaimer: I am not an avid one pocket player but its just a random thought that popped into my head while...
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    US Open 10-Ball

    What is the reason why to this day that there is only 9 players registered for the US Open 10-ball in July. I understand that we are about 3 months away but the field is being capped at 64 and the event is a Mosconi Cup event then why top US players is not making an effort to secure their spot...
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    Fargo Breakdonw for BCAPL 2016

    Anybody remember what was the fargo breakdown within mixed 8-ball and 9-ball singles for last year. For example: Mixed 8-ball platinum 626-above gold 560-524 silver 500-559. Thanks
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    Ball rattle in the pocket

    What cause ball to rattle on a standard gold crown 3 pocket?
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    Pool room owner need advise

    I opened my pool room 2 years and its the only pool room on the island and we have not had one for 15-20 years. I used to be able to lose myself on the pool table and it was my escape. I find myself not enjoying the game like I used to that I even sold all my personal playing cues. I do...
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    South West and Joss West

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    predator Vantage

    Is it possible to turn down the predator vantage to 12.3.
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    Dream Scenario for the future of Pool

    I have an idea on how to promote the game to the masses. It is not perfect but its a start. I believe handicap tournaments in the ONLY way to promote the game to the masses. Imagine if FARGO is able to rate each player for each discipline of the game. ie. 9-ball, 10-ball, 8-ball and so on...
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    Pool hall Management software

    Anybody ever seen a table time tracking software that charges in the following manner: Charges by the player per hour: For example: 1st Hour $7 2nd hour $6 3rd hour $5 So it will charge less the longer that you play. This would reward the players that play longer sessions.
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    Gold crown carom rails

    Can you buy carom rails for gold crown III. If so then where can I buy a set. Thank you
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    Passion for the game

    Prior to opening up my pool room, I was the guy that plays pool at every chance I get. I have noticed that in the past year or so that I don't play as much anymore or even have the desire to play at times. Any suggestions on how to keep the fire burning within so I can get back to playing the...
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    Fair Match

    As a room owner, would or should you intervene if a money match is not fair. If one of your better players is clearly taking advantage of your weaker players and they don't know any better. What would you do?
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    BCAPL age restrictions

    Is there any age restrictions to play BCAPL in team events. I have a couple of minors that wants to play on thier dads team. I look thru the BCAPL rule book and it does not cover age restrictions. I called thier offce but its close this week due to the BCA championships at the RIO. Thank you...