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    Chris Robinson v. Danny Olson

    I was surprised to hear Billy Thorpe say he's known Danny since he was 12, and is without question, a top player.
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    Oh no!!! Not another BCAPL event review ...

    This time coming from someone who had no chance to finish high or cash in. I came to town with a weak team from a friendly little bar. My teammates, realizing we're pretty soft, originally wanted to play in the Trophy division. I told them my old pool buddies from days gone by would never...
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    April Fools letter from my league operator

    [source: Las Vegas Sun 04/01/11] The Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, which has been in bankruptcy for almost two years, is finally calling it quits. At over 55 years old, The Riviera is one of the strip's oldest casinos. The casino's two grand ballrooms have lately been host to many of...
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    John Wooden, a pool hustler?

    I thought this was interesting. The latest Los Angeles Magazine has an article written by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar about his old coach, John Wooden. "Two memories stick out in my mind because each represents a totally different side of him. The first happened when the UCLA team was on the road...
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    4 cues 4 sale- 2 Tads, Gina and Prewitt

    Bumping forward for the Prewitt. Here's another look at this beauty -
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    4 cues 4 sale- 2 Tads, Gina and Prewitt

    Tad's version of Willie Hoppe conversion cue - 4 prong w/colored veneers - Tad's classic cortland wrap - plain ebony butt sleeve w/ivory style rings - 13 mm shafts - ivory ferrules w/Moori tips - 19.15 oz Call Chuck @ 714-869-3241 NOTE: Cue is on hold until pending sale is complete (1/16/10)
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    4 cues 4 sale- 2 Tads, Gina and Prewitt

    Ginacue normal 5-point players cue - classic colored veneer w/leather wrap & ivory joint - 19.1 oz - ivory ferrules w/Moori tips - 13 mm shafts - used but in excellent condition Call Chuck @ 714-869-3241
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    4 cues 4 sale- 2 Tads, Gina and Prewitt

    Ed Prewitt classic players cue - all ebony w/Eddie's infamous ring work - Cue is immaculate - solid ivory joint - Ivory ferrules - 13 mm shafts, 1 used and 1 new - 19.3 oz $2000 firm Call Chuck @ 714-869-3241 Refer to last two photos of first post
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    4 cues 4 sale- 2 Tads, Gina and Prewitt

    Tad's classic plain birdseye maple - used but in great condition - 13mm shafts w/ivory ferrules - 19.15 oz Contact Chuck @ 714-869-3241 Infomation and pictures on the other cues are forthcoming
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    What is going on at the Glen White Memorial?

    I had to miss the tournament this year. I heard there were some real strong players who showed up. Can anyone provide updates on the event and action matchups?
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    Tad For Sale

    I'm helping out a friend sell a cue. If interested, call Chuck @ 805-499-9079. Cue is 19.5 oz Bought from collection approx 5 years ago Hits and plays great. Excellent condition. Shafts shown are new. One has never hit a ball. (13 mm) Two original shafts (12.5 mm) also come with the cue - 4...
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    Book review - Lessons In 9 Ball

    Back in March I was visiting this forum when our own Blackjack (David Sapolis) put out a trivia question concerning Jennifer Chen. I immediately replied with the correct answer. For this I won a copy of Sir Blackjack's book, Lessons In 9 Ball. It took some time but I finally finished reading it...
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    Business question

    In your business, do you get involved in buying Real Estate foreclosures?? It seems like an area that could have potential for huge profits, especially right now. Home prices are coming down. Interest rates are low. Seems like a perfect storm to me.
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    A Big Thank-You to Mark Griffin & Jay Helfert

    This past weekend these boys did another outstanding job of running the Jay Swanson Memorial Tournament in Hollywood CA. Sometimes we forget about how hard they work to bring us this event. They must be doing something right since they get 180+ players each year. For their excellent work, I...
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    Jay Swanson question

    In my early days of playing pool I remember watching Swanny for hours and being amazed with his skill at the game. I'm just wondering, what is your assessment of Jay? I don't imagine you'll be at the Swanson Memorial next month, or will you?