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    Will this shutdown finish off most pool halls in the US?

    I've gotta believe it will.
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    Is there a common rule, that you ignore when playing with friends and family?

    I don't call, "no rail after contact". I just let it slide. I point it out to them as being a foul when the pros play, but tell them that I'm not really that worried about it. If I am playing with someone who would call it on me; then of course, I call it on them. But with friends and...
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    In the early AM hours of Christmas morning.....

    I brushed and polished my table. Merry Christmas to all!!!
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    Realizing that your Tastes have Changed.

    9 Ball Fan. I obviously love to watch, and play 9 Ball. It's exciting. There is a wild card in the game, called Luck. Anyone can get lucky, and win a few racks. You'd better not miss, after you get down to the last few balls. But to be honest; I enjoy 8 Ball or Straight Pool even more...
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    What Cue Ball are you using?

    I am using the Aramith Blue Logo cue ball myself. The one included in the Aramith Premium set. There are several different Aramith cue balls, plus the other brands on the market. Which are the really good ones?
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    Is there any truth to the claim that the old Maple is Superior to the current Maple?

    I hear similar claims in nearly every hobby. The old stuff was the good stuff. I understand that trees are probably cut at a younger age now, in a rush to market. I also understand that hand made, custom craftsmanship can't be bought for $100, unless it is a very small item. So anyway...
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    There is a great Renaissance of 1980's hobbies going on right now.

    It's a great chance for pool to recapture peoples' imaginations.
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    If you're ever in Bossier City / Shreveport, check out Bill Schick Billiards.

    24 tables. Bunch of old Brunswick 9' tables, and 7' barbox tables too. Nice bar. Very laid back atmosphere. Had a great time. The tables i looked at were ready for new cloth, but were still playable. The only small knock, on an otherwise great pool setting. Been a few weeks since I was in...
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    Glad to see Earl playing well. His reward, for never quitting pro pool.

    Go get 'em Earl!!! Teach these young whippersnappers a thing or two.
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    Growing Pool, as a Hobby.

    Regardless of skill level; it is beneficial to all of us, for Pool to grow as a hobby. Even if you only play at home, it's beneficial to have a thriving pool industry. Better cues, balls, cloth, tables, instruction, etc.; All benefit from a thriving hobby. Golf has trouble growing it's player...
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    How dominant do you believe Carbon Shafts will become, at the pro level?

    50% saturation in 3 years? 75%? 95%?
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    Clean, Safe Pool Hangouts in Bossier City / Shreveport area.

    Inquiring minds want to know........ Just looking for a fun, safe place.
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    Question for Pool Table Owners

    How many Sets of Pool Balls have you purchased, and kept for use on your table? I have 2 sets at the moment, and think it would seem strange to keep purchasing more sets. I have Aramith Premium, and Elephant brand "Beautiful Balls" However, I understand that some people Collect Pool Balls...
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    8 ball, 9 ball, or 10 ball?

    Of these 3 games; which do you prefer?
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    How much Spot can i get, if........

    I have a week old spider bite on my bridge hand's forearm, and my arm is turning black? Should I ask for the 7, playing 9 ball? I need to capitalize on this, and strike while the iron is hot!!! :p