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    Quick Sale Needed - Hunter Custom Cue

    haven't been on the forums in a while as I lost my mom recently. the cue is still available if anyone is interested. willing to make a great deal to someone. drop me a line. thanks.
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    Quick Sale Needed - Hunter Custom Cue

    Yes - Wes Hunter.
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    Quick Sale Needed - Hunter Custom Cue

    Been wanting to sell the above mentioned Hunter Custom cue for some time but never received an offer worthy of parting with it - need to get rid of it now, so entertaining all offers - here are the specs (email is if you want to contact me directly): wrap: white with double...
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    2009 Virginia State 9 ball Championships
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    For Sale - Hunter Custom Cue

    bump to the top
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    For Sale - Hunter Custom Cue

    bump bump :thumbup:
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    WPBA Satellite Tour - a couple of spots open

    Hi Anne - please refresh my memory, the satellite tour is pay only not a points "tour" format or qualifier for pro events? Thanks.
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    For Sale - Hunter Custom Cue

    truly, I have never heard a bad thing about Hunter cues. I have been playing with the same McDermott since I can remember (sad but true) and other than that cue, the only other love I had was a Huebler sneaky pete. The Hunter has not seen the light of day but about a handful of times and that...
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    For Sale - Hunter Custom Cue

    bumping to the top - cue has been put away for way too long and is begging to be used :p I am truly a creature of habit as my McDermott and other custom are my primary cues (the Hunter has never been used to date). if interested, drop me a line. If you need more pics, be glad to send them via...
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    Fats Billiards in Derby CT

    hey Holly - Boradriver on here can probably tell you the answer to that one.....
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    Today Maryland 14.1 Championship

    the event was Saturday and Sunday.
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    MD 14.1 today

    no way! ;) we all have some crazies in us.......:D see ya soon.
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    Maryland Open 2009 14.1 Straight Pool Championship

    got the last of the scores super late into the evening, story will be on AZ homepage soon. here are a few tidbits: Harriman over Daya in finals, score 150-25 Daya over Jeanette Lee to get to finals 150-128 Harriman over Zvi 150-107 to get to finals *Harriman's loss for Sunday was to Steve...
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    MD 14.1 today

    if that overtaxes your brain, you have issues D :p here they are: The flights are set for Sunday morning play as follows: I - Maidhof, Ford, Daya, Haag II - Harriman, Lipsky, Deschaine, Duty III - Davis, McCreesh, Lee, Shuff IV - Hodan, Chamberlain, Hunter, Zvi
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    MD 14.1 Update?

    you are welcome, should have the final scores from today (late in the day) but with the stream, you all will see as you go :thumbup: