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    2021 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Ran 112 about twenty minutes ago in an attempt to run 200+, missed a very makable, dare say easy break shot. It's past midnight here, I'm feeling tired, old, back pain is bothering me, and feeling sad as it's now a certainty that I'll have to disassemble and give away my Brunswick and call it a...
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    The Pros and Cons of a Conservative vs Modern Style

    This discussion may include pattern play as well as more aggressive break shots à la Hohmann etc. AZ member bluepepper's "Run This" threads reminded me of something the author of an article wrote (sorry, in German) about my playing style when I made a comeback playing pool after a ca. 19-year...
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    Video Instructional of End Pattern Grid Exercise

    Currently uploading a short instructional video I made for a friend (also here on AZB), an exercise I'm hoping others may find useful also: May take a few hours until it's uploaded. Criticism and remarks welcome as always, but please be kind, had an MRI and got six...
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    Anyone ever considered losing the lag on purpose?

    Serious question, not joking. Feeling old… Going to a Straight Pool tournament tomorrow, only my second larger tourney since surgery last year, and practiced some tee-off shots from the head rail today, only to find that my eyesight is such that I can roughly tell if I'm hitting an object ball...
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    Video of 99 Ball Run

    Video is currently uploading, kind of curious to see it myself, as I don't remember much except the table light hurt my eyes and I had to take a migraine pill, and that I seemingly kept slowing down (truly sorry about it, but still have a headache now…). It's really too bad considering I only...
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    Video camera setup test, short 14.1 run, input welcome!

    Filmed a short Straight Pool run during the OBC club night last night at Billard Bar Sorrento in Rorschach, thanks to club president Guly, who provided and installed the camera. Bit noisy with a little kid running around and parents chasing after etc. No matter as bad shot selection on my part...
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    Anyone else hate 99s?

    Anyone else hate 99-ball runs? It's just a number, and says little about the quality of the run per se, needless to say there are more serious problems in the world, but I'm sick every time. My third-highest run the last couple of weeks along with another 99, realistically speaking reason to...
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    What's your goal in daily practice?

    Need to rephrase the question as I'd personally answer it would be my goal to practice daily in the first place, but… Specifically, setting up a Straight Pool break shot (= starting with 15 balls on the table as in challenges), I'd be curious to hear if aficionados around here set themselves a...
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    What's in your JB Case? - WIN A CASE.

    Great protection, love my JB case (3x6 "Rugged")! :) Greetings from Switzerland, David. _________________ „J'ai gâché vingt ans de mes plus belles années au billard. Si c'était à refaire, je recommencerais.“ – Roger Conti
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    OBC Bodensee Open 2012

    Been streaming all day yesterday and today, forgot to put up link: Semi finals in approximately half an hour. Venue is the Billard Bar Sorrento in Rorschach, Switzerland. 9-Foot Gold Crown IV, new Z9 cloth. Remaining in the tournament are Dimitri Jungo (SUI)...
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    Favourite stores in NYC to go custom-cue shopping?

    Former student of mine is going to be in NYC early next year. Recommendations? Thanks in advance! Greetings from Switzerland, David. _________________ „J'ai gâché vingt ans de mes plus belles années au billard. Si c'était à refaire, je recommencerais.“ – Roger Conti
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    Sublimation of fear?

    Fascinating how one's mind works. Participated in a little round robin Straight Pool tourney last night, short races to 40 in which I have to spot everyone 20 points - and it's not like the others couldn't play! Haven't slept in days, my thoughts constantly revolving around whether or not I...
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    Tennis arm / tennis elbow operation?

    Anyone undergone this type of surgery? How did it go? Anything I need to know or make sure of? Please feel free to PM me if you prefer not to discuss this in public. Going to hospital tomorrow for what I understand is going to be ambulatory examination - for the time being. Given my medical...
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    Shaft adjustment?

    Hoping for some input from cue makers. The following is from a highly respected cue maker on the subject of flat-face wood-to-wood jointed cues, and I'm trying to figure out what exactly this means: "[…] in a few weeks the cue with shaft on will roll crooked on a table. You must then adjust...
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    Whats the deal with Micarta ferulles?

    Roger Conti from France is a two-time world champion at carom billiards, his first if I remember correctly at 3-Cushion beating Cochran and Schaefer, the other at Cadre 71/2, as well as the author of one of the most popular books on carom billiards: Rough translation of the quote: "I’ve...