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    AE Amboynia Burl Mw

    Additional pictures?
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    Are both 3/8 joint? No mention on 2nd cue. Myron
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    Joe Brown from Ohio Murdered

    Condolences to the family. ‘Things like this should not happen.
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    My New Haley!

    Vinny It has been a long time…. How are you? I wish I knew you were coming as I would have enjoyed running into you. Maybe another time. I saw the cue and it was gorgeous. Great to see the cue went to you. Enjoy! All the best Myron
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    Gus Szamboti 70's

    If you look at the floor plan for SBE, I was in the booth with Drawman Cues and Four King Cues. Nestled between them was Barry. So I was present for a lot of activity. Lots of cues were out on display, saw many Gus cues coming out of cases, some sold and some went back into their respective...
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    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    We will be there for sure with the usual team we support (Kenny and Gian) but it will be the first time that Barry will have a booth as well. Looking forward to seeing you at the event. Myron & Daphne
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    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    This one is too special to let go. But I cannot say never… Thank you Myron
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    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    It is a combination of Sterling Silver and Ivory through the cue… It was my design and Pete Sr loved it. Myron
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    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    Been a while so thought I would review this thread. I noticed that the images I posted were removed. Here is a Tascarella to add to this thread. Myron
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    My New (to me) Joel Hercek

    Gorgeous Love his work. Myron
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    Palmer cue - time capsule

    Gorgeous piece. Thank you for posting.
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    Cue Caps by Alton for my Tascarella

    I will catch up with Alton again soon as I still consider him a good friend. Good chance I may have 10 sets of his caps and I cherish all of them. I enjoy seeing his designs and workmanship thus my comment about him being back to working his magic. Looking forward to seeing the Pete’s work.
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    Cue Caps by Alton for my Tascarella

    Nice seeing Alton back in the game. One of the best at making these customs. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing the cue. Myron
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    Scrimshaw Cues: Schick, Mottey, Drexler

    Watching with interest and memories! Thanks for sharing. Mike Bender and I thought Tracy did the Scrimshaw in their two person shop. Will - you would know for sure. So not one person but a team in house. Myron
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    Faces at Drawman & Fourkings Booth

    Here are some of the few faces seen around Gian and Kenny's booth at SBE... Enjoy -> Myron Black Widow - Jeanette Lee Jeanette Lee & Daphne (my girlfriend) Don Steele & Wife Debbie (girlfriend to Gian (Drawman623), Jalon Haley, & Daphne Daphne & Ron Haley Peter (tinh339) Kenny...