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    Radial cue butt/pool cue

    Hello, I've a discontinued and rare Predator Quiet Roller 1 with 314-2 . $480 shipped with Paypal fees on me. You can PM me if you are interested and I can send actual pics.
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    5/16 14 shafts

    I have an ACSS pro if you are into LD shafts...
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    Jerry Franklin Southwest Cue

    are you selling this? if you are you need to post a price (forum rules)
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    Low deflection shaft 5/16 x 14

    Hi I have a low deflection ACSS Pro shaft for sale in 5/16x14 joint. Please have a look at the listing thanks. Cheers Joe
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    wtb predator shaft with 5/16-14 insert

    this shaft hits well like a 314-2. Shaft #3: ACSS Pro Tip: Zan Premium Soft Joint Type: 5/16x14 (non-piloted) Joint Diameter: 0.84" Beauty Ring: Thin black collar Shaft Diameter: 12.8mm Shaft Length: 29.25” inch Shaft Taper: Pro Taper Weight: 4.3oz, 121gm Insert Material: Brass...
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    If it is indeed "that", then why list it as an unknown player? something's off...
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    Sold Predator shaft 314-2 radial pin

    can I ask why is the tip size so small please? 11.75 is the diameter of a Z2
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    Inexpensive Uniloc QR Butt Wanted

    likewise my friend, I'm not here to make enemies. it's just misinformation affects our understanding of the game and equipment. i am immensely grateful to others on this forum who have contributed their knowledge and experience selflessly.
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    Inexpensive Uniloc QR Butt Wanted

    Esse clearly said he was looking for a Uniloc QR (quick release) butt, so your saying it is 2 different uniloc configurations is a red herring. you do not even need to fit a shaft onto the pin to tell Radial and Uniloc QR apart, one look and you know.
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    5/16 14 silver ring shaft with small pilot as in non schon or scruggs pilot. Mine is .845 at joint.

    Hi Daniel I have an ACSS Pro 5/16x14 which is non piloted for your consideration. Cheers Joe
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    Inexpensive Uniloc QR Butt Wanted

    this is the first time I am hearing this. are you speaking from experience? I have personally tried various butts Universal, Lucasi, Predator, Aska and even cheap chinese predator- knock offs like preoaidr with the Uniloc QR pin. THEY ALL FIT predator Uniloc QR shafts. this is because the...
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    Sold Selling 3 excellent playing cue shafts – Mezz, ACSS

    Hello, a couple of excellent shafts here for your consideration: Shaft #2 Mezz Ex Pro, shaft is in 8.5/10 condition some light scratches but nothing through the clear coat. Shaft was originally in United Joint but professionally altered to 3/8x10 joint. Straight together and apart with slight...
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    Willie Hoppe Titleist cue made of Brazilian Rosewood.

    That's somewhat a contradiction isn't it? Your post says you are looking for an original Willie Hoppe Titlist which is a 1-piece cue. If they are 2 pc, then they would have been converted which wouldn't be original :unsure:
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    Another fresh playing set from Kiev, Ukraine.

    Hi Dmitry, Joe here from Carousell. Thanks for introducing me to Dmitry Komarov butterflies earlier. I have yet to come across a butterfly on AZB. Can I ask with all that is going on in Ukraine, was there an issue with international shipping please? Thanks Joe
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    Have some inventory left, time to move on after 40 + years

    it was originally posted in the Wanted section and got moved to the for Sale section. good police / vigilante work though!