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    Snooker Balls for my Gold Crown

    Hey Trevor, The snooker size will not play off the rail properly and you will get frustrated. You can find retailers with little trouble online that sell Aramith 2 1/4" Snooker Sets made for a pool table specifically, which will play great and are a lot of fun.
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    Pool ball collecting.

    I agree, Chuck Jones is the man, bought a few of those sets from him and he helped me find some others that I was looking for too. A true gentleman and great guy for the pool community. Kudos to him.
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    WTB: Mezz Z401

    Looking for a Mezz Z401, around 19 oz. PM price and condition. Thanks...Vinny
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    Sold Raschig Carom balls

    PM Sent
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    What happened to Deanoc?

    I'm just puzzled people still can't grasp that your actions have consequences, plain an simple. When you continually try to draw attention to yourself whether online or in person, be prepared for the negative attention as well when you do something deserving of that.
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    Carbon Fiber Jump Cue and Masse Cue

    Keep in mind that usually anything Carbon Fiber is gonna have a bigger price tag on it because it's the craze right now. As far as I know, the Mezz Masse cue is the only carbon fiber Masse cue, but I could be wrong. The Mezz cue is Carbon Fiber and Kevlar mix and expensive. I got a New/User...
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    Which cue maker would you recommend to change the pin size for a shaft?

    Thanks, but why is that? I would be sending the shaft to them directly for the work.
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    Which cue maker would you recommend to change the pin size for a shaft?

    I love playing with my Mezz Sneaky. Have for years, first non custom that really fits me, but it has a United joint and I really enjoy playing some 3C a few times a week The problem is that it's very difficult to get carom shafts for this pin size and I don't want to have to purchase another...
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    WTB a Breakrak pro at a reasonable price

    Did you try contacting Charley Bond directly? He is a great older gentleman and really worked with me on everything I purchased from him and even threw in a lot of extras at no charge for me. He's a great guy to do business with and is very reasonable and always provides great customer service...
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    Beware of Scammer

    Same guy contacted me about a Mezz Carom Shaft in the WTB forum I posted, but I saw this warning before I contacted him, so thanks for the info. and saving me a headache
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    WTB: Mezz WXC Carom Shaft or Alpha Hybrid Carom Shafts with a United Joint

    I’m looking to purchase a Mezz WXC Carom Shaft with a United Joint or a Mezz Alpha Hybrid Carom Shaft with a United Joint. Prefer new or close to it. PM me if you are looking to sell either and maybe we can make a deal. Thanks for looking…..Vince