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    Varney w/ Predator 314-2 shaft + break cue + JJ Case

    Varney sold! I also have a Eliminator break cue that i had made by one of the forum members here. Tip and ferrule is made of ivorine 4 with a red fiber pad in between. Purchased this cue from az member JayBates. "all mine that i make, i cut a tennon in them and drill a hole in the ferrule...
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    FS : Audrick Cue

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    WTB : Sneaky Pete w/ G-10 Pin

    Kind of a stretch but looking to purchase a sneaky pete with a G-10 pin. With either a Predator 314-2 shaft or OB-1 shaft. (but these two can be purchased seperately.) Mainly looking for a sneaky pete with G-10 pin, a tad bit below 19oz when matched together. Or could some one recommend me a...
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    WTB: Cheap 2x4 Case

    Looking to purchase a cheap 2x4 case, leather or vinyl. 2x3 is okay too. In the Instroke "style" case, the ones with 1 smaller pocket and 1 bigger pocket in front and a flap on top. Not looking to spend too much, on a budget. Anyone have a used one for sale?
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    WTB : Cue with OB-1 shaft

    Looking to purchase a custom cue with a ob-1 or ob-2 shaft matched to it. Not looking to spend a ridiculous amount of money, but please let me know what you have available
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    Jacoby US Open Cue, 10 dollars a spot

    Selling my Jacoby cue. Cue comes with one LePro tipped, pro-tapered, 13mm shaft, it is 58" long. The cue is perfectly, completely STRAIGHT, both apart & assembled. The pin thread is 5/16-14, non-piloted (flat-faced) joint. The cue weighs 17.5 ounces. Cue has been chalked and test hit once, (pics...
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    Instroke 2x3 Buffalo USED

    I have an instroke leather 2x3 case also up for sale. Its the buffalo series, already oiled. Rich in color. Missing one button on the handle as shown in pictures. Price : SOLD! MODS LOCK PLEASE
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    ....................... Soldddddd
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    FS : 1998 Jacoby US Open

    cue Is Soldddd!!
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    Shaft wax / sealant

    Hi, I've been cleaning my shaft with the magic eraser + alcohol with amazing results. Although after I'm finished cleaning, the pores of the wood open up and within a week or two my shaft turns blue again. I was wondering if I applied sealant or some sort of wax, would it protect my shaft better...
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    FS/FT: Jacoby '98 US Open Rare Signatures

    CUE IS NOW ON EBAY!! offers will be considered.
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    FS : Eliminator Break Cue

    Like new Eliminator break cue, 19oz used for about 5 games. Cue has no dents or scratches, just a chalked tip. Tip and ferrule is made of ivorine 4 with a red fiber pad in between. Purchased this cue from az member JayBates. "all mine that i make, i cut a tennon in them and drill a hole in the...
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    Jacoby '98 US Open

    Here is a Jacoby cue with 40+ Signatures of pool players, teachers, cue & case makers. Brand new :) Some pro players: Barry Berhman...J.R. Calvert...Liz Eldridge...Pat Fleming...Ed Hagan.....**BUDDY HALL (the 9-ball Champ that year!)**....Bob Henning...DAVID HODGES...TOMMY KENNEDY...Larry...
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    Pool Table Outdoors?

    Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing a pool table, but I don't have enough space inside the house and the cars take up space in the garage. I have a patio type thing in the backyard and I'm thinking of setting up the pool table there. Is there anything I should watch out for that might damage the...
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    FS : Cheap cue

    Cue is owned by a buddy of mine, don't know who the maker is. The cue weighs 20oz, has a 5/16-18 joint. Has a few minor nicks on the forearm, completely straight, and I believe is a 13mm shaft. Looking for SOLD