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    8 point Kenny Murrell Hoppe style


    Blue Grass,by Richard Harris, (Gabon Ebony)

    gone ,,,,,,gone ,,,,,been gone ,,,,,,

    3/8X10 CDX LD Shaft

    SOLDnew only test hit 3/8x10 30" shaft new as you can see in pictures.,, shaft weight ,3.60 12.80 mm Ultraskin medium $SOLD

    3/8x10 ferruless shaft,,

    GONE preferabliy a OB Classic or other ....Shaft came out of Bill Mcdaniel old shop (world class cues) ,I had it for years but hardly ever used it as you can see..shaft rolls straight and spins on lathe straight.. shaft is 29" it weighs,3.95 oz. with pressed Triangle tip with pad from...

    6 Point Deep Gaboon Ebony,Ivory Cue ,Blue & White Veneers

    Pierce Ebony and Ivory 6 Point with Veneers iSorry for bad pictures from my phone,,New Beautiful 2015 6 Pointer with like glass finish,Ivory joint, Hoppe ring and ferrules. Cue is made with Gaboon Ebony with blue and white veneers,with ivory and silver trim rings Cue has only hit a couple...

    WTT 5 ultraskins for 1 Blackheart tip

    I will trade 5 for 1,,, as I been playing with Ultraskins for a while and like them but I heard good things about Blackheart tips so I figured I would see if anyone had one to trade for 5 Ultraskins as I have so many of them,,,

    Trade 4 Ultraskin tips for 1 Blackheart tip

    Trade 5 Ultraskin tips for 1 Blackheart tip error in title I will trade 5 ultraskins for 1 Blackheart ,,,I been playing with Ultraskins for a while now but I want to try a Blackheart,,so if anyone has a 14mm .. Im looking to do a 5 for 1 trade,,, Thanks

    Rubber bumper with hole to screw in extension..

    Im in need of a rubber bumper for a cue so a extension to be put into the butt of the cue. Does anyone know where I can get one ? The plug end of the bumper should be around .575" or approx,,5/8" I know my Lambros has one and I seen a few other cues out there that have extensions made for them...

    Predator Bk 2 ,linen wrap , great condition

    CUE HAS BEEN SOLDHeres a predator Bk 2 in great condition and used very little. Phenolic Tip still looks like new as the day I got the cue, shaft is still super smooth, no nicks or anything out of paint. uni loc joint SOLD...priced for fast sale at this low price for a just as good as new...

    (ebony ) Lambros 4 point 5 veneer ultra joint,, - SOLD

    (ebony ) Lambros 4 point 5 veneer ultra joint,, $3000 obo,, last chance or it gets put away (Not Looking For Trades but maybe intersted if mostly cash deal on right cue ,had alot of offers, close but not close enough yet) Cue was made to my design 4 of the longest points I never had on a cue...

    LAMBROS 4 Point 5 Veneer Ebony Cue

    ] SOLD,,,,,) Cue was made to my design 4 of the longest points I never had on a cue and was only played with one shaft very little. I just dont play that often anymore. Cue has the new ultimate joint design and plays great as anyone can tell you about the Lambros hit and feel. Cue is made...

    Jb mason case,, 2 tone,

    2 tone JB Mason case..2x4,/ 2x5 ,, has magneted latches..Case is as new condition as I take care of everything, only used to store cues in gun safe inside dust cover always..Top pocket has magneted latch and built in chalk compartment and storage with double zippers.Bottom pocket has jump...

    Lomax jump cue

    Just as the title says Lomax jump cue for sale.. Cue is in great shape and jumps as good as it looks...SOLD <<

    Plain Jane/merry widow cue F/S or Trade

    $300 Plain Jane/merry widow cue F/S or Trade I have a like new condition S&S cue ( Paul Sumrall) made with curly alves wood with Mahogany phenolic collars and joint with double brass rings in all positions. With linen wrap ( white with brown specs), Cue is only hit a couple racks of balls ...

    Predator Air 2 Jump Cue ???

    Just how good does the Predator Air 2 jump cue work ?? So just how good are these new predator air 2 ,since these are out on the market now , how well do they jump ?