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    Mad Man Bridge

    "is hard like my b/j tip with a rubber"
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    🎱 CUSTOM JACOBY - 8 Point / 68 Ivory Inlays 🎱

    Pricing & Shipping: - $2200 - REDUCED SIGNIFICANTLY - Will be shipped with USPS priority with tracking and insurance Notice: - Exposure, symptom, pet, & smoke free home Description: - Jacoby is a world class famous custom cue maker that does not cut corners and only uses the most...
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    Sold 🎱 Brunswick Inferno Series Isabella Cue - Matches $40,000 table 🎱

    Not yet, my buddy I got it from just went through a divorce and their "storm" still has yet to settle. He's still getting belongings back from his ex slowly, and this has yet to be in the bunch. It will though.
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    Sold 🎱 Brunswick Inferno Series Isabella Cue - Matches $40,000 table 🎱

    Bump Response: I'm open to offers: shoot me a pm with an offer. I'll work with you.
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    Sold 🎱 CUSTOM CUE - 4 Point Harris - Ivory & Cocobolo Burl 🎱

    SOLD FOR $1800 SHIPPED. Detailed pictures can be viewed at the following link: Notice: - Exposure & symptom free home - Pet & smoke free home - All items have been fully sanitized Pricing: - $2000 - Open to Offers Description: - Robert...
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    Robert Harris

    I hear you. But that doesn't take away from the quality of the cue though. The craftsmenship is superb. But was he a lil crazy, I'm sure he was.
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    Robert Harris

    That picture is nuts. I guess I am glad he has trigger discipline to say the very least. I for one wouldn't do that. Let's hope the mag was out and it wasn't chambered.
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    Robert Harris

    I didn't advertise it in this thread, or even mention it. I have sold 4 of them and I have never had trouble believe it or not. Notice how the ones that have been posted here are all sold? Give that a second to soak in. The truth of the matter is that they shoot amazing, have fantastic...
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    Robert Harris

    Would love to see this. We are still in the unsubstantiated claims phase.
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    Robert Harris

    I could use that, please send.
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    --- Mike Stacey playing set ---

    How much. PM Me price I guess