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    WTB 5/16*14 flat face shaft

    i have original Predator 314 shaft, just very small thin pilot on it for schon cue. good condition and straight. $145 shipped if your interested lmk.
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    Sold FS: Beautiful high-end Scruggs

    Beautiful Cue. Is that SS joint have 3/8, Radial or 5/16/14 pin ?
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    I have thinner precat 314 for 5/16x14 in good condition. $150 shipped if your interested let me know.
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    WTB: Mcdermott P Model cue

    Still Looking !
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    WTB: Mcdermott P Model cue

    Looking for one of the ones numbered to 35 with sharp points. Such as P705. Anyone have one available ?
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    Nice used BK2 Butt for sale $200.oo

    "I put a Lizard Skin on mines"
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    Wtb: Predator BK2 or BK3 break butt

    will do. thanks.
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    Wtb: Predator BK2 or BK3 break butt

    Found several. thanks.
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    Sold Tim Scruggs For Sale

    pics uncompressed
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    Yep. Dude replied to my "want to buy post" contacting me thru my cell number i had added to post. Sent me a picture of cue he found thru google. Wanted me to pay f/f. I knew he was scammer when he wasn't even willing to accept pp g/s with me adding for fees. Texted me from 228-367-4427. Lots of...
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    Cuetec Propel Jump Cue

    found one thanks.
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    I have 6- BRAND NEW 7' PRO AM's for sale!

    price for second one to tucson. can bring together whenever ok with me.
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    Wtb: Predator 314/3 with Victory Tip

    Please send me a pm if you have one available. Thank you !
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    Tony Annigoni suicide

    Nice Post. I didn't know Tony. I would be willing to bet my life savings at some point he did something nice or he made a positive impact on someone else. Maybe we could all agree Tony's life was valuable, sadly Tony's life has ended and he died living life the best way he was able to.
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    Predator Ikon 2-7 with choice of Shaft

    Like New Predator Ikon 2-7 cue. Have Pech Rogue wvp, Revo 12.4 bvp, 314/2 or 314/3 From $800 to $1050 depending on which shaft/ shafts you would like with it. $700 for Butt only. Please text me at 520-331-1375 for pics if you are interested as i don't get on here often Thanks for looking !