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    For Sale: Pechauer with T.Harris and OB-1 shaft.

    For sale is a 2007 Pechauer PS10 in like new condition. I've replaced the Pechauer shaft with a custom Ted Harris shaft (which hit's amazing) and an OB-1 shaft. Both sit flawlessly on the cue and have matching ringwork. Will have both shafts cleaned up before being sent out. T.Harris...
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    For Sale: Beautiful 2009 Ted Harris 6point (+others)

    Hey all, Some of you probably remember me I used to post here a lot a few years ago. I did a lot of graphics work for AZBers including work for Mike and AZB itself. I do not and have not played pool in a long time so I was looking to sell my cue(s). For sale I have a 2009 Ted Harris 6 point...
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    1Pocket: ruling question.

    this situation came up for the first time I've ever seen it last night. the cueball and object ball were both hanging in the pocket, player legally hits the ball but after his stroke the object ball touches his shaft and falls in the pocket. The ball may have been going in the hole any way but...
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    non-smoking pool halls in south east florida?

    are there any? if so what's the equipment/atmosphere like?
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    FS: Pechauer Cue.

    Buying a new cue so I need to make room for it. J.Pechauer Pro Series cue. 2 Shafts: 1 custom made T.Harris shaft. Fits absolutely perfectly, this is my playing shaft and it's in great condition as I hardly play and I am a bit OCD when it comes to my cues. 1 OB-1 shaft. Perfect fit again. I...
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    Player Opinions Wanted (thinking of starting a 1P tournament)

    Thinking of starting up a 1-pocket tournament, possibly something that can be done every x-months, hopefully gaining more of an attendance/attention as time goes on. But for sure I want to do at least one very soon. I need player suggestions for all of the specifics. What do you guys think...
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    lol 1pocket is so EZZZ

    Okay so I haven't played pool in a few months, decided to head down to a pool hall the other day for the first time in a while and got into some cheap 1P action... I needed all of them, this layout came up. You tell me what you would do, or what you think I did, and I'll come back later and let...
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    THE BEARD (or any good banker) HOW DO YOU MAKE THIS!?!?!?!?

    Any of you familiar with this shot? I accidentally made it once, and have intentionally made it a few other times, but I am no where near consistant with it. Never seen it before, ran it by a few of the bankers down here, no one seems to know it...
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    1p: am I the only one who shoots this?

    Watching an old DCC 1P match (joyner vs owen) and saw this shot come up. I know Gabe's intentions are to cut the 4 and use the 6 to stop the CB for a shot on the 5, but wouldn't playing the 4 off of the 5 and getting shape on the 9 be a much better shot (diagrammed on page 2 of the cuetable)...
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    1Pocket: Situation 3/3/08 (2)

    Show me what you got purd'-lady
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    9B Banks: Pattern

    Interested in seeing how some experienced bank players would play this. My patterns usually get skewed at some point in the rack so I hardly ever plan a full run, I'm usually playing 3 ahead and reassessing along the way.
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    1Pocket: Situation 3/3/08

    Show me what ya' got bay-bay!
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    The new CueTable looks amazing

    Diamond tables are so sexy :D
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    1k+ Posts...

    so what do I get?
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    1Pocket: what do you do? 11/18/07

    You both need two. You have the top pocket