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    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    Hi. I am Dusty, from KC area. Are you still playing in that area? I have moved around a bit and will be living in SoCal soon. Where are the good pool halls around SD? If you're a learner I am happy to help some, with my limited knowledge.
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    Mike Page, FargoRate, Greg Hogue, and the Mosconi Cup

    I ran into Spanky late in a one pocket tournament right after he got sober. He's always been good but that field has 8 or 10 players rated 700-800. He drilled me and he played incredibly well and it was probably 2 balls better than what I had been seeing out of him for the last 20 years. Way...
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    5/16 14 shafts

    I have several worth around 75 to 400 bucks. One is 30" others are 29".
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    Dave Barnett NC SC?

    I just saw this thread. Dave in Tulsa is from Oregon. I have his contact info and he and I have some cues and books for sale.
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    Sold Diamond 9' Table

    Bump for offers , and I will consider trades plus cash for this nice table. Be able to pick it up by 9/5.
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    No sir. What's up?

    No sir. What's up?
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    Sold Diamond 9' Table

    Nice 9 foot old school Diamond table with good cloth and rails, shimmed tight and plays great. This table improved my game on gold crowns and on Diamond tables. Leather drop pockets and 3 piece slate. . It has the lighter colored finish and a set of balls, a rack, and a cover. It is in...
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    WTB 9' Diamond

    I have an old one, shimmed tight. Plays great and always good for your game. You can have it with the light, which is not a diamond light, for $2500. You would just have to get it out of my finished basement and move it yourselves. -Dusty
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    WTB Three Piece Travel Cue

    I have a Gilbert J/B that I could sell. Also has an added CF shaft. Cue with original shaft $375 or add the CF shaft for $175 more. So 550 for all, if you want. -Dusty
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    Josey Hunter Lomax Schuller

    I know you have. I have bought and sold a few here as well. I have too many cues once again because I keep buying. LOL. Could stand to sell about 10 of em.
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    Josey Hunter Lomax Schuller

    LOL. You have sold things here before, right?!?
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    ISO Tony Layne Jump/Break Cue

    I have a nice one with joint protectors... PM me.
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    Sold Showcase custom cue and 3 predator shafts

    For sale- A very nice Showcase custom with ebony points and red veneers. Full size original shaft with 5/16 14 joint. Asking $600 Also, 3 predator shafts full size and straight. See pics One is original Precat. Other 2 are 314-2s I’m. Asking $175 per shaft and will give a deal on more...
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    Sold Predator BK3 for sale

    Very good condition. With linen wrap and joint protectors. I think I have the original bag for it too. $350 Call or text me please Dusty 808-375-8415
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    Durbin , Tucker and a few other Cues for Sale

    Tucker and Durbin are sold, but I now have a set of 4 pointer and j/b made by H Ikade from Louisiana, 3/8 10 joints with 3 shafts. I think he learned from Richard Black. Asking $500 for the shooter, $400 for the J/B or $800 for the pair. I also have a set of matched 6 pointers, shooter and j/b...