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    FS: 03 - 336 Goncalo Alves South West (no points)

    sold sold pending payment. thanks for looking.
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    FS: 7' Diamond Pro Am --- Central Pennsylvania

    I'm listing this for a friend. Table has very light, home use. (less than 100 games) Purchased new with 860 simonis. Included with the table are, balls, rack and cues, no light. Asking $3000. Buyer is responsible to move the table or I can arrange delivery. On to the pictures...
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    FS: TAR dvds

    selling as is, good used condition. all prices include shipping. all offers will be considered. click an image to visit TAR's description page for each set. $pending big chris 2007 U.S. Open 1 Pocket: Chohan vs Bartram $pending big chris 2007 US Open 1 Pocket Finals: Tony Chohan vs Gabe Owen...
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    GTF 1x2 Brown oil tanned, mint $250 shipped

    and some pics
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    FS: Black Boar RS2

    All original with 2 of Tony's amazing new shafts. Nothing moves the cue ball as well as these, if you have a pure stroke. Visit the physics page to understand the level of engineering that Tony puts into this craft. 90-95% condition, some small bruises, both shafts played. The cue was built in...
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    FEELER: Black Boar RS2 no ferrules & GTF 1x2

    no longer for sale
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    14.1 in-house league starting Friday, Club Med Billiards - Harrisburg, PA

    I posted this in the 14.1 subforum as well.
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    14.1 in-house league starting Friday, Club Med Billiards - Harrisburg, PA

    Contact me here or call Joel @ 717-564-5830 before Thursday @ midnight if you want to get in this session. The next session starts July 1.
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    new case, old cue

    I got this from John and Roy @SBE. Thanks guys. brown oil tanned nice seams monster's lair happy boar
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    Best of Joe Tucker

    I'm a big fan of Joe's work. What's your favorite? The Laser Trainer The 3rd Eye Stroke Trainer & Magic Eye Racking Secrets Aiming Systems + balls Guaranteed Improvement Sharp Shooter stickers Thanks for voting!
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    Club Med Billiards $25 9 ball Open 1st Saturday every month

    Open to all players Calcutta at 11am Tournament at 12 Race to 7 on the winner's side and 5 on the one loss side Finals race to 9 Alternating break, rack your own, 9 on the break gets spotted play is on gold crown 3's with 860 simonis $5 greens fee get $5 off for early registration.
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    ***New Room Opening***Club Med Billiards***Harrisburg, PA

    Club Med has finally reopened their doors in Harrisburg. this is ames, mister. 13) 9' tables right now with 6) bar boxes coming in soon. 8) GC III (860) 3) Gandy (velocity pro) 1) AMF (860) 1) billiard table (simonis 300)
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    Antique Brunswick Balke Collender cue rack

    This beautiful mahogany rack holds 12 cues and is in great condition. Small chip can be seen in the pictures. Sold pending payment. Thanks Eric!
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    Simonis bolts / half bolts. please PM me pricing.

    860 or 860 HR green. thanks
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    I can't seem to find the list of banned users anymore... little help?