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    For Sale Old Mali Cue

    Anyone interested in a old mali cue? I have one that is in great condition with no nicks or dents in the butt and shaft. This is a great starter cue. Birdseye maple forearm with 4 point with 5 veneers of black,red,black,whiteand black again. Irish linen wrap, ebony butt with mother of pearl and...
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    WTB Joss West

    Im looking for a Older Joss West with the sideways W. I have a 1989 Joss West that i would trade for one plus $500.00 cash. Thanks Bandit
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    Scruggs For sale

    I have a Scruggs for sale with 2 shafts in good condition. Its a four piont tulipwood with a cocabola forearm, stacked leather wrap, 5/16 14 tulipwood joint, and a tulipwood butt witha white derlin butt cap where TS is stamped. The weight is 19.5 oz. Cue is strait together and apart and plays...
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    1989 Joss West For Sale

    I have a 1989 Joss West for sale. The specs are: Joint is a stainless steel 5/16-14 with nice matching ring work. The forearm is Curly Maple with 4 point with 5 veneers. The wrap is Irish Linen. Butt is ebony with white derlin butt cap where its stamped JW1989. 2 Ivory Ferrul shafts 1st shaft...
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    WTB Cloth and Table Light

    I have just bought a 8ft pool table and its needs reclothed and i need a light for it. So if anyone got these give me some prices. New or used it dosent matter on the light Thanks Bandit
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    TS for trade?

    I have a Purple Heart Tim Scruggs sneaky pete i might be interested in trading for a traditional 4 point with venners Jerry Olivier. Is there any body that has one that wants to trade? Thanks Bandit
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    WTB McDermott Star Cue

    Im looking a McDermott Star's cue for a couple guys on my pool team. anyone have any? thanks Bandit
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    WTB Scruggs SP

    Any Scruggs Sneaky petes out there for around $300.00? Thanks Bandit
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    Trade Anyone?

    I have a Nice collection of Dale Earnhardt Sr, Dale Earnhardt Jr and Darrel Waltrip Diecast Cars scale's 1:64 and 1:43. All Brand new still in there packages. There are some rare Cars in this collection worth something. Also have a Dale Earnhardt fan pack and a set of Dale Earnhardt Metallic...
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    Viking G-22 For sale

    I got a G-22 Viking for sale. Not even a year old and is in great playing condition. weight is 19oz with 13mm shaft and roll true together and apart. $100.00 shipped Obo Thanks Brian
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    Some Cue's For Sale

    Viking G-22 sneaky pete that is in Great Condition. Strait Together and apart and the weight is 19oz - Sold Old Mali Cue That is in Good Condition 90%. Strait Together and apart and weight is 19.5 oz. 3/8 10 pin and has a Black Irish Linen Wrap - $50.00 Pair Of 1964 Brunswick House Cue. Both...
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    Mali Cue Wanted

    Im looking for a older mali cue with the 5/16 14 pin. Im looking for a cue similiar to these. I have a G-22 Viking, a old Mcdermott sneaky pete and about $70 bucks cash? If any body has one would u want to make a cash trade deal...
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    WTB Tim Scruggs J/B

    Im looking for a Tim Scruggs Jump Break. Im looking for veneers in the points in this jump cue. is there any out there? Thanks Bandit
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    For Trade

    Im looking to trade my Richmond 1/1 Cue for a nice sneaky pete. Its just to fancy of a cue for me. Any body out there looking to trade? Here are pictures of this cue. Thanks...
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    Wtb Jump Break Shaft

    Im looking for a Shaft for my Friend with a phenolic tip and ferrull. The cue is a players Jump Break quick release.