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    DAZN failure

    FWIW.... I signed up with DAZN, on my computer, today. It worked fine on my Samsung Smart TV for the Mosconi Cup, and, it still works fine now, for watching reruns of other events, on my television. But, when I sign into DAZN on my computer, I get an error code when I try to access my...
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    DAZN issues

    Working for me, on my Samsung Smart TV. Didn't start until a couple of minutes past 12:00 PM, though.
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    Day One of Mosconi Cup Agenda

    Signed up for a month. Definitely a good price. Two years ago I attended the Mosconi Cup in Las Vegas, and that cost me a lot more than $20. :ROFLMAO:
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    Day One of Mosconi Cup Agenda

    I may have to give DAZN a try. It would be nice to watch this event.
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    Diamond Tables In The Middle Of Nowhere

    Is that the Paradise Pool Parlour, at the recreation center. (y)
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    Diamond Tables In The Middle Of Nowhere

    Nice to have a place to play! Enjoy the weather. Oh, and for those who guessed Diego Garcia, I'm pretty sure that is not in the Pacific Ocean. 😀
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    Billiards on TV Last Night

    Yes, FTF on TV Plus. Not uncommon for them to show "billiards" several days/week. In fact, there is some sort of billiards on right now, as I type this.
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    RIP Scott Lee

    Sorry to hear this. RIP, Scott. I was able to take a lesson from Scott a few years ago. It was a good education, and I feel fortunate to have met him.
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    Ball with no number

    Gear shift knob.
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    $2077.14 Balls

    $95000. These tables and balls aren't marketed to pool players, but rather, to people who are simply looking for another way to display their wealth. Rich people buy this kind of stuff....because they can.
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    Age Related Decline

    I don't think it's age so much, as it is desire. When you lose the desire to practice, to improve, and to compete, and simply want to get together with friends and hit some balls, then your game will go down hill.
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    Interesting just saw this online

    Most people find it too much hassle to take a cover off of a table, and fold it up. Imagine if they had to wait for that thing get raised into place. They would either, never use that table, or, it would stay up all the time, anyway.
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    Anyone Else Notice Seyberts Drastic Cue Price Increases?

    The price of wood has skyrocketed, the last 1.5 years. I think it has dropped a little in the last month or two, but we (the end users) probably won't see the benefits of that, for a while.
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    Vacuum for pool table?

    I use my shop vac with the brush attachment.
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    WWYD: Jump or Kick