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    FS: Paul Sumrall Burl and Ebony

    For sale is a 4 point cue made by Paul Sumrall. This cue is burl into an ebony nose with a leather wrap. Joint is the good stuff with a 3/8x10 pin. One shaft has an old micarta ferrule at 12.75mm, the other has melamine or similar ferrule at 12.8mm. Both shafts have a slight taper roll, nothing...
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    Pros who drink and play

    Who are the professional players known to throw a drink or two back while they play? I know Bergman always has a pint, Keith always has a bottle of Bud, and Hatch used to drink and play before he got sober. I see a lot of pints while watching older snooker matches. I'm just curious who amongst...
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    RIP Jointed Cue

    From Facebook: "It is with true sadness that I have to share this post. Due to a lawsuit filed by Scott Johnson and the repairs that need to take place according to ADA regulations, the Jointed Cue has to shut its doors. I understand the emotional connection everyone has with this historical...
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    Chris Nitti Merry Widow

    Birdseye Merry Widow from Chris Nitti made in 2014. Lizard print wrap, radial pin, rolls straight together and apart. Excellent condition. $600 shipped CONUS, add 4%/FF. Trades welcome. Butt - 16.3oz Shaft #1 - 3.48oz 12.5mm Shaft #2 - 3.65oz 12.5mm
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    AMF Grand Prix Corner Casting

    I have an AMF Grand Prix, and the mounting bracket on one of the corner castings has broken off. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement corner casting to fit my table?
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    Side Pocket One Pocket

    Has anyone ever tried playing one pocket with the side pockets? Just curious. I think it might be an interesting game.
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    Table ID

    Can anyone tell me what this table is? All I have are these 2 pictures. I've never seen a ball box like this one.
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    Raybestos Master Fast Cushions

    I have an opportunity to purchase a 9' Acme table with the original Master Fast cushions made by Raybestos. My question is, do these cushions contain asbestos? Given the time period they were produced and the Raybestos brand, I'm thinking it's a really strong possibility. Also, is $900 a good...
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    Sir Joseph Gloves

    I went to reorder a few new gloves today, and Sir Joseph gloves seem to be out of stock everywhere. A few sites have some left, but with very limited color and size options. I like the tan gloves, as they're a little more inconspicuous. Anyone know the deal? Has Sir Joseph gone out of business...
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    WTB: Cheap set of decent balls

    I have a buyer looking for an affordable set of decent quality balls. Budget is under 100. Looking for Aramith Premier quality balls. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
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    Are your local leagues played on 7' tables or 9' tables?

    All the talk about leagues being the reason why some of the recent big tournaments have moved to the 7' table got me thinking, how many leagues are actually played on 7' tables compared to 9' tables? If you have several local leagues, and they are played on a mix of tables, please vote for...
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    Let's talk about the measles ball

    Seems to me that the quality has gone down in recent years. I've noticed that the last few I've bought mark up more easily and get dirty faster compared to the other cue balls, and even compared to the measles ball when it first came out. I don't know if they started using a lesser grade...
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    A T.V show that would have been better than The Hustlers

    Scott Frost posted this on Facebook. Thoughts?
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    Mezz 3/8x10 won't fit flatbottom 3/8x10

    I just received my new Mezz WX900. I ordered it in 3/8x10 not knowing that it would not fit the modified (flatbottom) 3/8x10 pin on my cue. I've never had this problem before. Apparently most manufacturers bore their shafts large enough to fit both, but Mezz does not. The standard 3/8x10 has a...
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    Crying over spilt beer.

    Last night at my local pool league's awards party, someone knocked a beer over and it spilled INSIDE my open case. My case was next to my chair away from the table, but some jackass decided the arm of his chair was a great place to rest a full pint of beer. I was able to pull out the cues I had...