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    Ashton Twins Classic

    Large event in Calgary Alberta January 2020 I have attached some informational posters made by the hosts Joanne and Beverly Ashton. Large event indeed! Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    Pricing opinion

    Thanks in advance for the advice. I’m not a newbie but trying to valuate a shaft for possible sale to a friend. I loaned him my 2004 predator 314 (with cat) shaft to use for a bit as his was broken. I have a G2 soft tip on it as well brand new. Shaft is a 8.5/10 and is straight. He came in...
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    Predator P2 burgundy w/ 314-2 shaft

    I am the second owner of this beautiful cue. Shaft is mint and butt is 9/10 if I’m being picky. Rolls straight together or apart. 314-2 shaft with a moori medium tip I believe. I had been using this butt with a Revo shaft and it was a wicked mix but have reverted to my old faithful cue...
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    Would you have integrity? We had a very large tourney this weekend in Edmonton Alberta Canada with hundreds of teams. Down to the final few teams the above happened. The shooting player says that the watching player should have called a...
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    Seeking Andy Gilbert JB cue

    Hi there! I’m going to try this again so her goes. I love Andy’s cues and have had four. Sold them to buy a damned house but really want another JB cue (with an additional playing shaft if possible). I have a definite preference for cocobolo as well. Located in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada...
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    Predator Revo 12.9 shaft

    Hi there! I have a like new original owner Revo shaft for sale. Has new installed Blackheart super soft tip, box of Revo wipes, joint protector, badges. I have this listed elsewhere as well as a note. Best offer or buy it now for $800 Canadian plus shipping. Current top bid is at $700...
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    Ashton twins classic women’s tourney

    Ladies tourney that continues to grow here in Canada! Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada June 14-18th 2018. This is a pro am event with 10000 added based on a full field
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    Replacement pockets for a national pool table

    Hi everyone I hope this is the proper place for this question. I have a friend who just got a National pool table but upon receipt it had no pockets. Can anyone suggest replacement parts for this table. Sorry only pics I have so far are these two but I’ll be stopping in to his place for...
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    Top Shots Billiards and Ping Pong

    If anyone is in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada please be sure to check out Top Shots in south east Edmonton! Brand new with plenty of beautiful 9’ tables with simonis 860 cloth and pro cut pockets. Also two valley tables and four 13’ incredible snooker tables one of which features a heated slate...
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    Predator Bk3 with sports wrap for sale

    I have a BK3 with sports wrap for sale. It does have some light wear from previous owner as shown in picture. It does not effect the users feel while breaking unless you have a very big follow through. Shaft and butt are straight and I am second owner. Located in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada...
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    Team and singles stream Some good pool in Alberta, Canada. Some stiff competition! Feel free to subscribe to cue sports live on Facebook or you tube (Facebook has more streams). Free always! They travel lots to watch and stream the best! Thanks! Sean...
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    Seeking Gilbert jump break cue

    Hi there. I have owned 4 different Gilbert cues where two were fancy players and two were jump break cues. I am looking for a cocobolo jump break with two shafts. One player and one breaker. Must be in excellent condition and rolls straight together and apart please and thanks. Shipping is...
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    Andy Gilbert JB Player for sale

    ‎2007 custom cocobola jump break play cue. Comes with two shafts. 3/8 x 10 pin solid hit. Matching ringwork and Gilbert shafts. Both original Gilbert shafts and oridinal tips in excellent condition as used optional predator 314-2 shaft. Cue hits wonderfully! Sad to sell it but never used as...
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    WTB Predator Ikon or Black

    Hi there. Looking to move quickly to acquire a Predator Ikon mid to upper model with 314-2 shaft and please must be in very good to pristine condition. Will consider used if it is in the aforementioned "pristine" condition lol. Or any of the Black cues would be considered as well. I will...
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    Fair scruggs price?

    What do you feel I should pay for a sneaky pete scruggs with no hoppe wings and four points with three shafts (all original) 2 x 12 mm and one 13mm that this is reasonable. It is from a friend and want him to be paid fairly. This is early 80s model in almost mint condition. I would say 96%...