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    I love my hole shipping SET, will take nice pics when they all 3 here ;-)
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    New 1x2 GTF Cases - Remaining Stock As Of 1/1/2021

    PM please for 2/3/5/6 and 13 please
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    Anyone here core a cue blank as good as John Davis did ?

    Hi, where I can buy one of your awesome Cases?? Regards, RG
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    Hi Don, you want 2 new Joey Cues?? ;-)
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    Schick, JMW, JW, Cog., AC, Sly, Cohen

    love both Schicks
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    Looking for Red Baron RM

    last I heard it's in Asia and NFS
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    WTB Jules Patterson EDC Cue

    not at the moment
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    Coming soon, my MVP/KDP Full Splice

    well done and enjoy your table time with ;-)
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    WTB Jules Patterson EDC Cue

    Davor is a good Guy, I still have 3 EDC Cues all made for me ;-)
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    Rosewood burl Tascarella

    I would love to have if Don didn't take it before me RG
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    Guerra Cues, Show some eye candy!

    I know the Olive is mine but who knowes when I'll get them
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    U.S. Mail delays

    I'll got a new Cue from you (not from you directly)3 days with customs too to Germany ;-). Love that GEM, talk later (Email) to you ;-)
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    ONLY the fancy ones for me Ted ;-)
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    I can tell you the new Cuetec 11.8 is a BEAST, very low deflection and stiff with super Feedback, I'll not more use my 12.5 Cuetec which was played hard in 18 Month (5 times a Week and I loved them). RG
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    Rosewood Barry Szamboti Hoppe - - For Sale

    Awesome Cue my Friend