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    Need a wrap installed?

    Looking for someone to install a black and white ringtail wrap on a cue for me? Suggestions? Contact info? Thanks!
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    Anyone going to be streaming this event? it's usually streamed here:
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    WTB - Diamond Tables

    Open to any one piece slate tables.......what ya got??????:yeah:
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    Derby ??????

    How many tables is the tournament played on? Are tables available for rent during tournament play? Are action tables always going?
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    WTB ca$h cue

    Anyone have one FS?:thumbup:
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    Must sell OB1 & OB2

    As the title says I have two shafts for sale. The pin sizes are 5/16-14. The collars are black w/silver ring. Tips are like new Kamui SS. I will sell together or individually. Make an offer! The shafts are pictured in the following link:
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    FS or Trade (variety of custom cues)

    I have several cues for sale or trade. They can be split up many ways I am looking for a But only with a 3/8x10 pin or a Predator-Z2 shaft with a 5/16x14 pin that will fit a Pechauer. JD Custom Cue - black leather wrap, OB1, OB2, 2 maple shafts, Kamui SS tips Lucasi Cue - Red stain with...
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    10-ball Tournament

    The Break (Pittsburg, KS.) Dec. 2 32 players max Barbox - 10 ball $50 entry $200 added Split quarters race 7/5 1st - $750 + calcutta 2nd - $500 + calcutta 3rd - $250 + calcutta 4th - $100 + calcutta 5th - $50 6th - $50 7th - $50 8th - $50 *Based on 32 players*
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    60" Joel Dadivas (JD cue)

    2012 custom built JD cue. 30" butt 2- 30" shafts with black kamui SS tips. shaft one - 11.75mm Shaft two - 11.25mm Both shafts test hit only. 3/8-10 pin Custom joint protectors Around 19 oz. w/removable weight bolt Black lizard wrap. Amboyna Burl & Gabon Ebony $450 shipped in the U.S. Click...
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    Pechauer Custom

    For Sale: Pechauer 2009 pr11 weight - 18.7oz brown leather wrap asking $350 shipped In near perfect condition Might be willing to trade for a cue that has a 3 8/10 pin, but really just want to sell. I already have too many cues...
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    snooker table?

    can anyone ID this table??:confused: I do not know the exact dimensions. Thanks in advance!
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    Lucasi Custom

    Tip: 13mm Triangle tip Ferrule: Ivorine III SHAFT: 29” with 15” pro taper, North American Hard Rock Maple Joint: Uni-Loc quick release joint Collar: Precision milled joint collar Forearm: Burgundy stained Birdseye Maple. Rings: Four sets of black and white checkered rings. Wrap: Black Irish...
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    Custom matching break and Jump cues

    Made by Gabriel Cues and come with a lifetime warranty. The break cue has a stacked leather wrap with a phenolic ferrule and a hard leather tip. The jump cue has a phenolic ferrule and tip. The shafts also are interchangeable. They are both decorated with phenolic ringwork. Not sure on the...
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    Custom Cue - 12 Point Treadway

    Cocobolo forearm with twelve points. Long points are Olivewood with black/white/black veneers. Shorter points are Tulipwood. Shortest points are Gaboon Ebony. The butt sleeve is Tulipwood and Olivewood seperated by a ring of Tulipwood outlined by brass and thin black rings. Similar rings are...
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    F/S - Pechauer CUSTOM cue

    F/S - Pechauer CUSTOM cue w/OB shaft For Sale: Pechauer 2009 pr11 In near perfect condition weight - 18.7oz brown leather wrap asking $350/OBO Honestly, the best playing stick I have ever owned!