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    49TH Annual Texas Open $40,000 Added-August 27-September 5th-Skinny Bob's Billiards Round Rock, Tx

    Why? It's not any kind of points event and more games to play in Texas. 9 ball is full and close to 20 in the one pocket already. Players signing up for One Pocket will have a spot in the 9 ball guaranteed until August 15
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    Tony Chohan vs Alex Pagulayan - High Stakes One Pocket Action -October 19-22, 2022

    Guys, It looks like we will have to reschedule this for another date so it can be played at Buffalos Billiards. Stay tuned for the update
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    Stats -- Gorst vs. Bergman 9-Ball Race to 100, March 2021

    Atlarge is a real asset to pool. Still surprising to me that the high break & run was only 4. It wasn't close but I could have watched even more. Good stuff.
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    PPV -Oct 30-Nov 4 5th Annual Sparkle City - 10,000 One Pocket/10 Ball/Pro-Am

    Another great event from Dayne Miller and company!! This year it will be hosted by Dayne Miller's new pool room The Steakhorse Restaurant and Billiards. One Pocket begins October 30th thru Nov 1st - Race to 5 Single Elim Thursday Nov 1st, evening is 10 Ball Auction Plus Charity Fund Raiser...
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    FREE Oct 18-21st WPBA - Signature Tour Stop PLUS Susan G Komen Pro-Am

    PoolActionTV has contracted with the WPBA to cover another great event of The Signature Tour. This one is at Janet Atwell's room Borderline Billiards in Bristol,TN. Thursday Evening will feature a Susan G Komen We will post a link here soon!
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    PPV - Sept 7-9 Houston 9 Ball Open - Big Table 9 ball Many Pro's

    This will be a star studded field! We will have the Texas Open winner Omar Al Shaheen, Francisco Bustamante, Roberto Gomez, Tony Chohan, Danny Smith, Manny Chau, Richie Richeson, Sylver Ochoa, Jalal Yousef, Casper Matikainen, Warren Kiamco, Denis Strickland, Chris McDaniel; Bernard Walker, Joey...
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    PPV - August 24-26 Amarillo Slim's Joe Soliz 9 Ball $7000 added NO FEES

    We will have an all-star field of players for this event. 1.) Terry Touysithiphonexay PAID 2.) Lou Valdez PAID 3.) Jason Mckenzie PAID 4.) Tony Top PAID 5.) Sam Cordova PAID 6.) Danny Smith PATV 7.) John Morra PATV 8.) Warren Kiamco PATV 9.) Francisco Bustamante PAID 10.) Juan Aranda PAID 11.)...
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    PPV August 17-19 Danny Smith vs Corey Deuel One Pocket

    Going to be a great match. PoolActionTV and Dayne MIller's Steakhorse Restaurant & Billiards have teamed up to make this match possible. Winner gets $4000 plus another match Loser gets $2000 Race to 30 One Pocket We will stop when one player gets to 10 ea day Jeremy Jones will be back on...
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    PPV July 31 to ..... Alex Pagulayan v Justin Hall One Pocket

    Details: 8 ahead Justin getting 8/7 9/8 20,000 entry 10 hr sessions Starts Tuesday at 3pm Eastern no pro-rate. play till finish Larry Schwartz, Ray Hansen & James Adams commentary pockets 4.25 Table Diamond Red Label Cloth - Simonis 860, worn Balls Aramith Tournament Edition with Pro-Cup cue...
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    June 22-24 Facebook LIVE AND Youtube!! WPBA Signature Tour Stop Emerald Billiards

    On commentary will be Mary Kenniston, 2 time world champion, one of the original members of the WPBA and author of many of our great event reports. Mary is a real ambassador of the sport and great at everything she does. We look forward to hearing from her and many of the Professional players...
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    PPV - May 24-27th Buffalos Pro One Pocket $10,000 Added NO FEES

    Another awesome event coming from Buffalo's Billiards on Bloomfield in New Orleans Our 6 month pass that officially begins on June 1st will start early to include this event AND the Big table 10 ball from Vegas at the Asian Culture Day event.
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    PPV - May 16-19 $45,000 added Big Table 10 Ball Asian Culture Day

    Players lists coming soon! Guaranteed added money and currently about only 40 players in each division. Event pass 24.95 Day passes 14.95 Starts Wed May 16 thru Saturday May 19 Finals pass will be Saturday at 6pm PST.
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    PPV May 2-6 Northern Swing Carom Room Spring Classic $8000 Added No Fees

    Another great event from Dave Coles and company Event Pass 29.95 Day Passes 14.95 Wed Night Pass 9.95 Friday Night Pass 9.95 Sunday Night Pass 9.95 Spring Pass on sale now for ONLY $70 Pass is good until June 30th
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    PPV April 27-29 Northern Swing Cr's Upper Midwest Pro-Am $8,000 Added No Fees

    Northwest Swing Stop 2 of 3 CR's Sports Bar & Grille $8000 added!! $6000 to 7ft 10 Ball and $2000 to 7ft $500 entry mini Auctions on ALL. Event Pass 24.95 ALL Day Passes 14.95 Friday night 9.95 Our Spring Pass is now on sale for $70 and covers everything until June 30th