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    Shielded wire for limit/home switches

    I'm helping a friend setup a Taig CNC Mill. I'm looking for shielded wire to use for the connection of the limit/home switches. I found this source on line and was wondering if this is the preferred size and would provide adequate shielding for wiring these switches...
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    Break tip installation

    My system for White Diamond tip install FWIW, I always had a hard time getting White Diamonds to stay on no matter how much roughed them up and/or what glue I used. I always attributed the lateral forces of off-center breaks were the cause. Here's crude sketch of my solution. It's a...
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    Looking for new inexpensive break cue with leather tip (not phenolic)

    I may have a couple..... depends on what you consider inexpensive. I have two custom break cues with purpleheart shafts and canvas phenolic ferrules. One has a Porper RAM (composite, not leather) tip and the other has a White Diamond (not leather, but not phenolic) tip. I'm asking...
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    400 to spend

    How about a CAT cue? I have a number of cues at or below what you have in Paypal. Here are just a few. Let me know if anything catches your eye.
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    LTB Purple Heart shafts

    I've got a couple I have two break cues for sale that both have purpleheart shafts. They have natural canvas phenolic joints and ferrules. One has a Porper Ram tip and the other has a Hard Water Buffalo tip. I would consider selling just the shafts for $110 each (plus shipping).
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    WTB Wrapless/Non-Steel Jointed Cue

    CAT customs I've got a few that are well below your budget. If you see something you like, I can provide more pics and full specs.
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    Red to maroon

    Sealing Redheart Hi Kelly, I seal all my wood (not just Redheart) after each cut with Zinsser Seal-Coat cut 50/50 with Denatured Alcohol. I don't know if this is the reason, but my Redheart maintains it's color pretty well.
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    For Sale: Cueman Videos

    I've got two of Chris's videos. Basic Cue Building and Repair (VHS) Advanced Cue Building: Points and Inlays (DVD) Asking $45 shipped for both.
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    LTB Custom Break Cue

    CAT Custom Break Cues I've got two right now. Both have purpleheart shafts. The Bocote is 20 oz. and the Redheart is 18.35 oz. Asking $250 for each If either one interests you, I can provide more pics and full specs.
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    For Sale: Turnkey 4 Axis Taig CNC for Inlays

    Complete and ready to start cutting inlays. Taig 2018 CNC ready mill Gecko 540 controller for 4 axes of control Wired with Limit/Home switches and E-stop Wolfgang Precision Spindle Fully licensed Mach3 control software BOBCAD V19.0 for design and gcode generation Dell 8200 computer to run it...
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    WTB-good playing cue

    CAT custom cue I've got one that might interest your friend. Asking $225 shipped in the CONUS. Specs: 19.6 oz. (15.8 butt /3.8 shaft) balanced 18 1/4" from butt cap 13mm dia. tip .850" dia. joint (White Phenolic) 1.245 dia. Butt cap (White Phenolic) 3/8-10 joint pin Titan ferrule Triangle Tip...
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    Looking for a break cue

    Custom break cues I've got a couple that I've made just for breaking with Purpleheart shafts. Let me know if anything catches your eye. I can give you more pics and full specs. Asking $260 shipped in the continental US.
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    What does a cuemaker play with?

    An early CAT cue I've been playing with this one since I made it back in 2009.
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    LF: 3/8 x 10 Merry Widow/Plain Jane wrapless butt

    CAT custom cue I've got one that might work for you. I used it for my break cue before I made some custom breaker's. It's in excellent shape. I'm asking $265 for the whole cue, but I'd sell just the butt for $165 Specs: 19.2 oz. balanced 18 1/2" from butt cap 13mm dia. tip .850" dia. joint...
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    looking for decent break cue

    CAT cues custom breakers with Purpleheart shafts I've got a couple. Asking $250 each Specs: 20.0 oz. (15.35 butt /4.65 Purpleheart shaft) balanced 19 1/2" from butt cap 13.3mm dia. tip .850" dia. joint (Black Thermoplastic) 1.250 dia. Butt cap (Black Phenolic) 3/8-10 joint pin Canvas Phenolic...