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    Pricing 6' dovetail lathe bed.

    Hi, I'm trying to find a piece of 6' dovetail. I've tried Google, the search here, metal supply stores. I just can't find it. There has to be a supply store or somewhere to get it. I've already got a price from Chris, looking for other options as well. TYIA, Nathan Brugmann
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    Motor going out or brushes?

    I don't have pics, can't figure how to load a vid. But I was doing alot of sanding and have had the motor since 2009. Its a DC 1/2 hp? motor, it started sputtering acting like it didn't want to spin, and in the back you can see spark flashes through the air slots. Opinions? Tyia, Nathan...
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    Is an explosion proof fan needed?

    I've been using a HVLP spray gun with a water based urethane. Would a regular wall mounted exhaust fan be ok for the overspray, or would I need an explosion proof fan? TYIA, Nathan Brugmann
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    WTB Huebler Brown Rubber Bumpers

    Just like the title says. I'm looking for 2 bumpers. Anybody have any or know where to get them? Tyia, Nathan Brugmann
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    WTB: 1.5x18" Tulipwood

    Just as the title says, wanting to buy an 18" long by 1.5" square of tulipwood. Let's see what ya got! Thanks, Nathan Brugmann
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    FS: Mid America Pool Upgraded Lathes

    Sold Lathes have sold
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    Amboyna Burl & Koa Questions

    I have never used either of these woods till now. I am building a cue using a cored amboyna burl forearm and sleeve, with a cored koa handle. My 2 questions are: 1. The amboyna is developing a whitish color "film" on it. If I wipe it off with den. alcohol and epoxy seal coat it...will it...
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    Heat lamps and finishing...

    I just bought 2 halogen work lamps (150 watt ea). I plan on setting them close to the cues on my finishing lathe. I was just curious on how far away the lamps should be away from the cue, and about how long the cue should be heated before applying epoxy finish? Thanks for any help and...
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    Inlay Epoxy Question

    It's my 1st time doing inlays on a cue. The material used for the parts is Ivory Juma. Should I use a white pigment epoxy to glue them in, or an ivory/cream color epoxy? And what pigment would be best to use for both the white and the ivory color? I did use the search function on here...but...
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    Coring dowel diameter not consistant after a pass

    I am using a Cue Smith Deluxe lathe with a power feed, Ridgid router, Todd's router mount with a 6 wing carbide cutter. Using the ground pin in the headstock that came with the lathe to check runout (@ about .001) I loosened the tailstock drill chuck and tightened on the headstock pin, then...
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    Cue coring with Birch?

    Has anyone used Birch to core their cues as opposed to using Hard Maple? I grabbed this screenshot from workshopcompanion to see how much of differences there was. Pros...cons? I would really appreciate any advice and thoughts, thanks guys!
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    Amboyna Burl Question

    Buddy of mine just picked up a 18" long square of amboyna burl. Moisture content is at 6%, plan on coring it. Should amboyna burl be stabilized first? If so, who would be the "go to" to have it done? Thanks in advance guys!
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    Blue transtint dye

    I dyed a piece of curly maple with the blue transtint dye. it's mixed 1/8oz dye to 4oz denatured alcohol. Let it sit to dry for 24 hours. Went to apply CA for the finish and I'm getting blue dye on my paper towel and it seem like the ca is not wanting to dry very fast at all. I've used other...
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    m26 x 0.5 tap needed

    I'm looking for a machinist or someone that can make me a m26 x 0.5 right handed bottom hand tap. Please contact me if you or you know of someone that can do this. :thumbup: Thanks, Nathan Brugmann
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    Huebler Prototype cue...Take 2!

    The original buyer was not able to complete the transaction due to personal reasons. So I relisted the cue, with a lower Buy It Now and Reserve Price. Hopefully I can get this beautiful piece sold this...